Jun. 8, 2017

Its Inside You My Princes and Princesses

Look Inside For Your Answers
Make The Call And Make A Stand
The Power That You Seek Resides Within
Self-Belief Is Not A Sin
Remember young brothers and sister do not harm each other. You are both born to be princes and princesses in the legacy of your blackness. Each one of your black ancestors gave so much and gained very little but held fast and maintained the dignity and value of each individual soul. That defiant, bold, relentless spirit resides deep within the subconscious of each of you. You need only call on it and it will be that beacon of light that brighten your darkest day and elevate and uplift you when you are seemingly at your lowest point. What we each including myself fail to comprehend is that historic spirit of soulfulness and pride didn't and doesn't die when one is carried to his/her final resting place. It is passed on through the winds of time and always will have the capacity to reignite the flames of achievement that embody each of us. We need simply to call upon those energies and cast out the negativity that is constantly drowning and silencing those winds of hope and perseverance. So put down that weapon of self-destruction and ignite the flames that allow our ancestors to make a way out of a path that was marked by blood and struggle which allowed them to push forward and not accept falling backward, or simply standing still.
Message Of Power
“Our crown has already been bought and paid for. All we have to do is wear it.”
James Baldwin