Jun. 12, 2017

Shut It Down

Provoked Thoughts
12:22 PM Monday
June 12, 2017
It's time to shut this Trump Presidency down! Trump's administration has absolutely no values centered clarity or moral rationalization on the true issues facing the majority of Americans today. I, for one, am ashamed that this person has been elected to represent the nation supposed to be the leader of the democratic free world. We all should be shamed by the pettiness of this President, and his staff, as well as the Republican Leadership of the Senate and Congress. America cannot wait until 2018 to make significant changes in our leadership.
I don't feel that Pence as President is the answer either but the first move is to immediately start impeachment hearing to remove Trump from the Office of President of the Executive Branch of "our" Government. The fact that he resides at 1600 Pennsylvania should be an utter embarrassment to every conscious American in this nation. Now he plans to starve the neediest Americans to put more dollars in the hands of the wealthiest Americans. This madness has got to stop and we must as a people begin to center our moral compass to righteousness because right now this nation is off kilter and headed towards social as well as environmental destruction. When it seems that the entire group of world leaders has almost unanimously decided that Trump speaks not for a balanced and unified world. Then when we Americans force our elected leaders to make the same decision and move Trump and his band of misfits as far from any position of leadership as quickly as possible?