Jun. 12, 2017

Come On Home!

“John Henryism is a coping strategy often adopted by high-achieving African Americans, who may unconsciously (and increasingly consciously) sacrifice their personal relationships and health to pursue their goals with a tenacity that can be medically and mentally deleterious,”

As I read this article this afternoon about our young black pearls and black princes working themselves into a frenzy at these primarily white universities and colleges. Working to prove themselves against the majority white student population who established a sense of inferiority based on race. I cannot understand why we as a people have to continue to accept being marginalized while continuing to fight a system that still deems us inferior even in 2017. I ask myself why do we as mature adults place our children into these situations where they aren't loved for themselves? Why do we still believe that these institutions of higher learning truly do all they can to make the environment conducive for our young blacks to learn? They continue to create these invisible obstacles that pressure our most precious jewels, our educated black youth. Why is the skin of one's color defining acceptance in America's white colleges and universities? This color barrier no longer overt but now are covert actions still bearing down on our children of color in these mostly lily-white schools? This Vanderbilt University Study that I read today, that revealed that black students are being marginalized and with this marginalization are making themselves both physically and mentally ill. This situation is unnerving, to say the least. The researchers have even come up with a name for this syndrome "John Henryism", in which black students are working themselves to levels of sickness just to prove their adequacy to the white peers in these primarily educational environments. When will we as a people understand that these institutions were not established to promote our progressive struggle? I can only say commit to this a simple statement, come on home scholars, come on home to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities that not only love you unconditionally but will also form a lifelong bond with you. They simply don't tolerant you. They absolutely believe in your unique skills, talents, and abilities. So come on home, the bell of acceptance has always ring ready at your neighborhood HBCU.