Jun. 15, 2017

Vacants, Vacants, Vacants, Why So Many Vacants

Sometimes it simply happens my mind is in a daze

Why does this nation bend towards so many evil ways

Reminds me  of the time in my youth when I tripped on purple haze

In those early days in life when I thought I was living in a mental maze

My eyes back then always had a tinge of chemical glaze

It’s Thursday folks and my mind’s still has a blaze

Searching for thoughts that hopefully our people’s raise

Leads us all to hopefully them sought better days

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and blow those vacant’s down

I’m the lone wolf who can’t seem to bear

Our people always living around this mangled despair

So you  junkies who use them don’t utter a sound

Because I think that it’s time that them vacant’s are blown and crushed to the damn ground

Yeah, it could’ve been worst the wolf could’ve destroyed the entire damn town

Once in past, Booker T lived amongst us

His life was so great Booker T wasn’t clueless

He told all black people that our buckets needed casting

You see Booker T wanted blacks to have economic power everlasting

That was the message Booker T felt needed national broadcasting

Yet WEB has a message that was certainly contrasting

If both were alive today you know that they would be in on this podcasting

My guess is that integration would’ve ceased Booker’s forecasting

The lack of  Black economic power left us in a state of constantly fasting

This means our communities always continually need some recasting

Because without monies so many of our people are constantly gasping

Maybe Booker T’s words would have saved us from backward relapsing

That is why in B’more more and more vacant are always collapsing

You see casting buckets like Booker T said now seems quite clear

Booker T had thrown us that gold encrusted spear

He had determined that black people weren’t always meant always be austere

Maybe the talented tenth should have been there to cheer

All unified voices clearing the negative atmosphere

You see blacks in this nation shouldn’t have never been so cavalier

It was always the goal of racists to have us disappear

We allowed our communities to lose its veneer

Damn even vacant’s can’t bring in an auctioneer

So let it said and said loud for everyone to hear

Casting your buckets meant our pantries would never be bare

Hell, in the end, didn’t that turtle beat the hare

Maybe if we as people adopted casting your buckets

We would’ve have avoided racism’s snare

And avoided all of this community despair

Those vacants would have only needed some minor repairs

Rather than project a vision of a people who don’t care.