Jun. 15, 2017

Conscious Media Deception

Just stop this nonsense and call a mistrial in that Pennsylvania courtroom. You know that you can let Dr. William Cosby live out the remaining days of his life with some level of dignity and pride. No matter how you may feel personally about the cases of past behavior by Mr. Cosby. The specific case currently being tried doesn't have the degree of merit, that would or should lead to Dr. Cosby's imprisonment. It simply needs to be terminated by this judge and never placed on any docket again. No one can ignore Dr. William Cosby's contribution to the betterment of mankind. Just let it go, let it go, let it go, his life's work has now had the sufficient amount of stain that at his age will never be cleansed away. So for the sake of humanity let this case move away from the national spotlight. We have so many bigger fish to fry especially related to the possible impeachment of the current man in the White House. The damage that Trump can do while the press directs to look for these types of incidents to keep us from focusing in on the damage Trump can create is bordering on "conscious deception" by those companies that are profiting by the current administration. What will be the next faint and roll incident that will take our eyes off the ball of making injustice a thing of the past in this nation? Let's just stop it, release Dr. Cosby, and focus on why any representative of government feels that medical coverage is something that can be snatched away from the needy to satisfy the unfulfilled needs of the greedy. So that corporate profits can overload some corporate bigwig's pocket?