Jun. 16, 2017


They killed one, we killed eighty

Us killing us just like that earthquake in Haiti

Brothers pulling triggers 

Brothers calling each other niggers

How can you say you respect me

With these insane acts, how do you figure?

The man had this plan

Give them the killing tools

Now tell me again who is really the fool?

Black bodies stacking

They even got our little babies packing

Self-love, self-esteem all seem to certainly be lacking

The war zone is on 8th and Pike

Last I heard that’s where they dropped Mike

Then Mike’s cousin decided to drop Ike

Then Ike’s boys dropped everyone who was burying Mike

They killed one, we killed eighty

How are black brothers supposed to last at that rate?

Us killing us our sisters having no one to date

The system is reeling 

From all this violence we are feeling

Injustice is dealing

Yes, Black Lives Matter

Then why all this black folk blood splatter

I heard that Blue took down a brother today

Well, I heard Sweet Lou took down an entire crew

Damn, Lou why didn’t you just sit around and stew

Maybe just maybe drink one more damn brew

Now those black lives are definitely through

They killed one, we killed eighty

Why are we so consumed with hate

Chirac, B’more or should I say Kill’more 

When is killing going to be no more

Settling them with bodies doesn’t even keep score

Why do you do it kill somebody to be a part of urban lore

Well, the knockers have done some knocking

Yes there actions are indeed shocking

People in the streets obviously mocking

Watch out over there that brother is cap locking

Hanging on urban corners is simply for bullet blocking

US killing US is even more shocking

Why do all these brothers have these beefs

Could they be settled not using sheafs

Why do our communities have so much grief

They killed one, we killed eighty

What in the hell is the black man’s fate

We cannot survive carrying all this dead weight

How about some self-love served on tonight’s dinner plate

It’s hard to say I love you

Then put those bullets through you

You killed none we decided against that gun

Wouldn’t it be simply great no had to run

If we simply didn’t take the hater’s bait

Then maybe we all went on dates

Everyone learned to skate

And stop shooting so damn straight.

You helped one, we helped many

Yesterday thank God neither of us killed an

You see Black Lives Matter should comprise of MANY