Jun. 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur

Grab your glocks when you coming to see Pac

That Thug Life was meant for Pac

46 years should have been dealt to Pac

Living for 26 just wasn’t right for Pac

In memoriam leads to boredom

Why you shooting why you looting

On the strip letting ripping through flesh

Killing this brother son of a great mother

Let his knowledge flow to teach one another

Blood in the Benz is it for his past sins

Snoop on the corner uncapping the gin

Hoping that Pac will drop some new lines

Man didn’t Pac’s mind unleash some mad rhymes

Pac at the mike dropping the dimes

The brothers still shooting committing the crimes

Killing a genius and not serving time

Two decades have passed no one to own up to the task

East versus west all of us on the same quest

The white man gives us the tools and we fail the test

Killing each other dammit give it a rest 

That call to kill 2Pac just wasn’t right

Murdering that brother just wasn’t so bright

You see 2Pac was focus on shining some light 

2Pac I sure wish you still were in our sight 

Like a wisp of leaf caught in a funnel of the storm

This young black brother spun words that drew swarms

Tupac Shakur basically created his own damn art form

Dying inside thinking you’re fearless

Shooting that glock why are you still tearless

How many caskets can we witness this year

Before we see it’s hard to live this life without any fear

You don’t ask for forgiveness

You out a dreamer what did you think you were killing a schemer 

Pac was Dizzy with words

He was Trane  spinning lines

He was Stevie and Marvin all intertwined

Satchmo had his horn while Pac dressed his words like a rose without thorns

My brother Tupac was constantly dishing

His words filtered out like Jimi was listening

In the background, you know that Otis was whistling

James Brown was seen rushing oh damn wasn’t Pac really crushing

It seemed to anyone close that Pac’s life was too quickly rushing

Some of his lines left the most intelligent of us blushing

Syncopation, syncopation, words spinning in oration

Tupac Shakur was just the best damn rapper in this here nation 

I’m not going to change the world, he pronounced

But I guarantee that I will spark the brain, he announced

Then those killers pounced and changed our world

I wonder if we would listen intently today 

If 2Pac Shakur hadn’t been taken away

Twenty years have passed since you spit your last verse

Damn those bullets didn’t even give you time to rehearse

Why my brother did have to take a ride in that hearse

You were the best at what you did 

Pac, you had to be first 

Living life on the edge 

Never once quenching your thirst

A coward dies a thousand times

A soldier dies just once

When you spent that line 

Did you Pac sense you were living on borrowed time

My brother you still had so many more mountains to climb

Why did those killer’s bullets take you while still in your prime

Since your murder, Pac in our communities death has had no downtime

Had you lived  Pac would you have called 

For all black brothers to seek continued peacetime

Can’t close my eyes cause all I see is terror

I hate the man in the mirror cause his reflection makes the pain so much real’ler 

I wake up in the morning and ask myself

Is life worth living? Should I blast myself?

So why are so many Thugs still on a killing spree

Why didn’t they hear your final plea

Mounting bodies are the worst kind of debris

These senseless killings must stop if we are ever to be free

My California Love is no more black mammas screaming

Only the sound and laughter of black babies dreaming

Much love Pac sure wish you were still with us

You see Pac I got a couple of lines I’d like to discuss

46 years down why can’t and alive 2Pac still be around us?