Jun. 19, 2017


So I was minding my business coming home from my Father-in-Laws home. I almost home on a dark road and a tree falls across the highway. I didn't have any time to react because the tree just fell. I am driving at the speed limit no other cars around with headlights, no road lights other than what illuminates from vehicles. So down comes the tree and I am the lucky guy to hit that tree at 50 miles-per-hour and totally destroys my Volvo that I just made the final payment on June 1, 2017. Well, at least my family is fine and alive God Bless.

So after last night's hollowing event, I am more committed than ever to develop this blog to it maximum viewership. I believe that www.joesmokethoughts.com and Project Uplift Literacy are now my life's calling. I've got work to do, so much work, can't stop, won't stop, it's my purpose. You don't face death and not be changed.