Jun. 19, 2017

Our Rights, Not Civil Slights

Juneteenth, Is It Here, There, Anywhere? 

Our Rights Must Stay Do We Need To Pray?


Freedom of speech isn’t that one of those primary rights

Those first ten that for blacks was at one time was make-pretend

They ignored us in the press 

When we gathered in crowd it was the police that we're loud

Hey you blacks aren’t supposed to be close to proud

If you pray for a better day it will come only if you die today

Otherwise, that urban blight you feel is here to stay

They freed us in southern states on the first of 63

Why did it take 2 more years for slaves in Texas to express some glee

Why did that have to keep serving them white folks tea?

So I’ll pass on celebrating Juneteenth of 1865 

Because blacks were still hanging in those Texas trees

Still strange fruit for all to see, Billie saw it and she cried

Knowing how that black man died on Juneteenth of 1933 or was it 1965?

The first ten written when teaching blacks was still a God driven sin

So you added on 3 more that whites folks still chose to ignore

I can say that with ease rights for blacks was just a tease

Those written laws kept us quiet and appeased

While all of our properties were being seized

Our voting protection, equal protection, and civil protection was being squeezed

Your attempts to keep us out the light

Thinking that this would ensure that we weren’t bright

Hell you even taught us how to fight 

So you could keep your rights while all our’s had taken flight

You placed these rights on center stage

While we remained shackled until old age

Hardly getting paid a decent or living wage

3/5 of a man is what was once written

Blacks were working whites were sitting

You’d think with these freedom’s we’d all have a chance

So why in the hell do we have to continue this injustice dance

Stop looking at us with that death trance

Why don’t you just give true freedom a glance

Us using our right of free speech is our stance

Hell, we built this nation so we’re not moving to France

All we want is for all our rights to improve our circumstance

You’d think with these freedom’s we’d all have an equal chance

Yet if your hue is not the right color of white

Dammit to hell those rights to us seems outta sight

Outta mind and written solely outta of spite

When I was in your classes you sought to teach

The right of free speech that wasn’t even in my reach

Now you telling me that me using my speech

To teach those near that they should reach

It tantamount to me being worst than a leech

My ancestors built this land I will preach

So my use of this free speech right is no breach

You say the right was written when freedom for you was hidden

You also say liberty and justice was forbidden

Guess what America black folks built this country as if white’s were all bedridden

Now until we get the true freedom we deserved 

We no longer will accept these legislative curves

All this injustice has finally gotten to our last nerve

So reparations are deserved and total justice is reserved

That is truly when this republic will be democratically preserved

So on this Juneteenth, I will remain setting

You see this celebration is no longer smitten

Texas got 2 more years of slavery which is unwritten.