Jun. 20, 2017

Drug Essay June 19, 2017

Drugs Killing Blacks No Biggie; Drugs Killing Whites Now Everybody is Psyched, Everyone’s Grabbing that Mic, and Demanding now that these drugs take a Hike. Why now Mike?  When it was the poor hicks and Slick Rick, and his buddy Trick getting sick it damn sure didn’t click. Now they are coming on awfully thick when it’s their babies lighting up those illicit sticks.

It’s tough out in suburban America these days. The realities of a deepening drug epidemic have caught hold of some of the most affluent neighborhoods in this nation. The fact that suburban eyes were closed completely shut when the black communities were flushed with those same deadly narcotics during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s is alarming. At the same time Nancy Reagan was telling American youths “just say no’ white youth I suppose. Since her husband’s minions were plotting ways to literally ship in tons of illicit narcotics into the cities across this nation. Cities inhabited primarily by blacks I might say. They also were beefing up the counter-attack against our youth in those same communities. How, by imposing higher jail sentences on crack rock cocaine sellers and users while giving those who handled the powdered variety of that same drug lesser jail sentences. Why differentiate between the two drugs? Well, that’s easy drugs of the powdered variety were being ingested by a majority white populace with cash and power. 

While the rock cocaine crack variety was launched en masse into cities across this nation. Neighborhoods that once were taken care became enclaves of terror and destruction with crack abusers caring nothing about personal appearance, family safety, or economic security. They simply were jonesing for that next fix.  Well, now that drug addictive shoe has shifted in terms of critical mass and drug abuse. Oh, the cities are still totally in disrepair due to the destruction caused by crack being let loose in American cities. However, now young affluent white kids not the poor white kids from the hills of Tennessee, and West Virginia, who lit those hills up with a cheap to produce crystal meth. Those suburbanites could’ve cared less about what they considered “trailer trash” white folks.  Nope, it was only when their babies started hitting the needles and made heroin and oxy their chosen drug of choice. That suburbs began to wake up to the horrific effects of a drug-riddled community.  

Americans all over now see not only war and misery was the companion of the American military jaunt into Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The abundant flow if the poppy plant made it’s way back to our shores.  Not since the days in Southeast Asia has so much of that deadly substance been on our shoreline. This time though it didn’t end up entirely in the dismal enclaves of urban America. Now, it’s in suburban communities and children, and adults of the so-called elites are driving that illicit economy with purchases right smacks dab in their communities. It means with the abuse comes the death by overdose of whites young, middle aged and also older. That just can’t be acceptable. It was acceptable for them to close their eyes to total community crack destruction. Yet, they are demanding action to stop the flow of those illicit drugs that have unraveled and totally annihilated homes that once prided themselves on an illusion of stability.