Jun. 21, 2017

Promise and Determination Must Be Powered By Positive Drive and Will Power

Yesterday marked the end of Spring, the beginning of Summer and all that heat and hopeful fun now begin. As we turn the calendar month heads towards July and August.  The kids hopefully have just ended the school year with anxious anticipation of remarkable achievements are behind them as summer’s fun lays ahead of them. They hopefully will leave their homes, apartments, shelters, and other places they laid their heads at night with a full belly and a refreshed mind. Latchkey kids seem fully capable of facing whatever challenges that summer days brings. Yet the days that once was protected by the walls and halls of the school buildings. Now are filled with the pitfalls of everyday living. That’s of course if the people who are responsible for passing on the hope and dreams of a better tomorrow have such dreams for themselves. We are entrusted in our lives to pass on the traditions of our immediate as well as long gone ancestors. Are you developing that bond that is essential between yesterday and a better tomorrow? Or, have you simply given away to pressures and negativity that life seemingly has dealt you. Leaving supposed adults with absolutely no concept of promise or a dream?  The promise is a vital link to making one steeled to the battle of life that he/she must be confronted with day to day, month to month, and year to year. Without promise where does one get the hope of bettering one’s condition?  You may be imprisoned in the system’s incarceration centers, you may be like me unemployed, you may be unskilled and feel null and void, or you may even be all of these. Yet, I say to you this morning wake up and catch some promise for yourself and those who depend on you.  Even if you may think that they have no thoughts of that nature. So my first thought of Summer is PROMISE, You had it once if only for a fleeting twinkling of an eye.  It was there, so brush off all those life negative experiences and dress up that promise. Share it with others, keep it safe once it’s recovered.  Make sure it’s kept sacred and securely protected. You will need it for the next step to driving on to a better summer towards building better tomorrows.

The next step on our new summer jaunt into a new tomorrow is locating that sense that “you”, yes “you” have the determination to defeat those things that seemingly have you locked in step without hope of taking any next steps forward. Oh, you will/can say but it’s impossible for me to regain my determination. It left me so many years ago when I faced the insurmountable challenge and it whipped me good. Did it? Did it really whip you or didn’t you understand that the challenge was meant to harden your determination.  Did you see defeat even before the element of determination was even able to be nurtured and fed? Many people say that we as people of color have insurmountable odds that make it damn near impossible for us to drive the needle forward towards having any success in this system. Well, I say that’s the devil speaking and that devil has driven enough nails into the coffin of our people’s determination. You see if we could overcome the blatant systematic efforts that befell our ancestors and did not break. Then, what can any system do now that is worst than what we faced in our past? Not a damn thing, oh, they can withhold justice, we’ve been there, They have done that. Oh, they can withhold opportunity, we’ve been there, They have done that. Oh, they can make it difficult for us to get a quality education, we’ve been there, they have done that. Oh, they can shackle us and try to take our freedoms, we’ve been there, They have done that. They can even kill us in plain sight, without fear of reprisal, yes, we’ve been there, they have done that.  What we mustn’t allow those who advocate injustice to do is to steal our personal determination. We have all we need it in abundance. You see this determination has been passed from ancestor to ancestor to each one of us.  We may have allowed that determination to be stained with a little hopelessness and despair. So my second thought of today is DETERMINATION. You had it once if only for a seeming twinkling of an eye.  So go into the deepest recesses of your mind and recover that determination. Once, it’s recovered brush off all of those negative experiences that never allow your determination to ever be sealed away. It’s time my brothers and sisters to dress up and release your determination. Share that new found DETERMINATION with others, keep it safe once recovered make sure it’s sacred and protected. You will need it for the next summer step today for building better tomorrows.

The final jaunt into the months of June, July, and August is going about the task of building up your personal drive and will. Those two elements cannot be separated nor do you want them to be. You see they ensure that your promise and determination will also be magnified in great light. You will be enlightened to think that making things, will indeed really happen, it’s happening y’all. If you don’t think you have the will and drive to you better think again. It’s there just as the blood flows through your body bringing essential elements to power up your organs. The will and drive are there to power up your promise and determination. Funny thing if your promise and determination are lacking then your will and drive have nothing to power up. So, in the absence of promise and determination. That will and drive will in turn power up the negative influences of hopelessness and despair because it has nothing position to power up. It must power up something, right? So don’t let the will and drive lead you down the wrong path simply because it has no other elements to push you in a positive direction. How easy would’ve have been for our ancestors faced with the insurmountable odds of slavery, terror, Jim and Jane Crow,  a lack of educational, limited employment opportunities to have their drive triggered towards negative results? Easy, indeed but they hung close to the promise and determination to better their conditions. Not only for themselves but for the many generations to come. It is now our responsibility not to allow any negative elements of life to defeat us to overcome us. Those negative energies cannot be allowed to capture our will and drive and direct us to bad results. Our will and drive are steeled and hardened with all the heroic and thankless acts of our ancestors. So we mustn’t allow anything to turn that energy away from the original purpose which was to uplift us all and not destroy us all. They built us to the point with the promise and determination to make it whatever the circumstances. It is now essential to our healthy survival as a people not to turn our backs on the tasks for which we were so nobly endowed. So, fire up that engine of “drive” and “will it with positive power” and along with the dressed and ready to go promise and determination. Let’s make something special happens this summer. I think that this lesson is great for anyone no matter the age. Just make sure to understand although your engine may not be firing on all cylinders it doesn’t mean that it can’t be re-fired with just a touch of motivational energy.