Jun. 22, 2017

Growing Up Black in Lead, Not In The Lead

Growing Up Black in Lead, Not In The Lead

Stifling My Chances To Get Ahead



Growing up in ghetto as a kid you knowingly feed me lead

You knew all that lead would eventually mess up my head

Stifling my of my chances of getting ahead

Damn, why is all that lead so damn close to my bed?

Jumbling my thoughts 

My highest expectations now is being a part-time greeter at Walmart

That lead mangled my brains 

That lead kept my people in chains

That lead ignored my mama’s pleas

That lead intensified my daddy’s pains

Look over there godammit  is that my family’s remains

You lived in homes that were pretty and white

We lived in ghettos that you hid outta sight

The paint that you used was  Benjamin’s best

The paint you gave couldn’t pass a lead test

So stop saying that injustice has taken a rest

No, when that lead is passed from my momma’s breast

While your children frolic and are hardly stressed

Why you trying to get my preacher to say we are blessed

How are blessed with all this damn lead in our chest

Now we that the lead has seeped into our water

All that lead is about to take our my son and my daughter

Lead in the walls, lead in the hall, they even say lead in the stalls 

Lead in the tubs, lead in the sinks, if we had ice it would be in the rinks

There aren’t any golf courses near us so it’s not in the links

All this lead it’s no wonder that black folks need  alcoholic drinks

Lead in all the buildings we live 

Decades of lead messing with our heads

Then you added the drugs and created crackheads

Drugs and lead we didn’t stand a chance

Then for extra measure, you sent in that guns that fired lead

Lead on the walls, lead in water, lead ripping our bodies

Lead stacking bodies, lead mangling brains

You wonder why are sisters are dancing

While all our brothers are making it rain

We’ve got to find something to ignore this damn pain

Then you ruined our schools

Refused to give our children the necessary tools

Your primary objective was to raise generations of fools 

You put me in broken classrooms to stunt me

Teachers not teaching they seem to affront me

Teachers not elevating reaching damn sure not teaching

Can”t hear the lessons with the police sirens screeching

All the preachers still preaching 

Do you dare say some are just leeching?

Our communities are collapsed around churches 

Hey the pews are empty but they are still preaching

Now that you’ve stunted me, mentally and physically confronted me

Tell me why America or you are now simply man-hunting me

My dreams and education are stunted

Walking through broken communities feeling affronted

Constantly badgered as well as confronted

Concerned, disengaged and seemingly man-hunted

This America is why so many blacks see justice as fronted

Tell me why America that just being black

Cuts you no slack, justice is constantly turning it’s back

Policeman always looking to attack 

They never ever, ever seem to fallback

This country for some blacks is truly just whacked

Injustice and lies are forever seemingly stacked

Lead in the walls, lead in the halls, why dammit is lead still in the stalls

Lead in the sink, lead in the water that we drink

I guess that why no ghettos have ice rinks

Hey Steve Harvey why did you make that joke today

Don’t you know that "lead" don’t play

Little Johnnie and Aisha just died on their birthday

You see when you’re forced to live and drink lead

You may be young and still wind up dead.