Jun. 25, 2017

"Sunday Morning Roundtable" College Sports Way, Way, Out Of Control

Has anyone been keeping up with the Vanderbilt University case of the 4 football players accused of raping that college senior in 2013? My question is how is the Head Football Coach, James Franklin, now at Penn State University still employed as a Head Football Coach on any college campus in this country? His program at Vanderbilt University, supposedly one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning was totally out control.

Coach Franklin went into the living rooms of these men, 3 black, and 1 white, and told each of their parents that he would teach them the game of football along with sharing principles of leadership skills that they would carry with them the rest of their natural lives. He didn't promise any these men's parents he would assist in creating menaces to society who were capable of terrorizing some 20-something-year-old college female senior for 30 minutes in Room 213 of the Gillette Dormitory. This atrocity occurred on the campus of Vanderbilt University and was videotaped on these young men's smartphones to keep for prosperity. Once they realized the scope of the criminal activities that had occurred the coverup began. Yet, in this case, the truth seeped through all the disgusting muck and mire and justice was allowed to shine. The young men indicted are now convicted but that young lady's life will never be the same.

Coach James Franklin, under whose, watch these despicable acts occurred as continued to coach, recruit, and lead men at another now flawed university, Penn State, at a salary of 4.6 million dollars in 2016. I'm sorry but today I had to spend just a few moments discussing this situation since the last trial of Brandon Banks concluded on Friday in a Nashville, Tennessee courtroom. Mr. Banks a college freshman at the time of this incident revealed a team that was divided by race, motivated by bullying and totally out of control. I am sure that other major college football programs but why would Franklin be awarded and rewarded with such a financial deal at a school like Penn State University already immersed in its own murky, disgusting history? I mean he was hired by Penn State while this incident at Vanderbilt University was still fresh and this young lady was recovering from the worst nightmare of her life, a nightmare she had absolutely no memory of.

This country is off-kilter and totally out of balance. There must a moral compass realignment that adjusts our decision-making capabilities. This is not meant to be an indictment of race since James Franklin is black it is an indictment of America's addiction to those things that are games but in a broader sense have gained a level of importance that never should have ever occurred. I am sick and tired of the amount of news, media coverage of sports in this nation. It's completely unhealthy. It has created an environment that makes it conducive to accept this behavior and move on. While other aspects of our society are crumbling all around us. If anyone of us had a daughter, I do, what do you feel about the Head Coach who created an atmosphere for which some men thought it was acceptable to behave in this manner.

Of course, people will disagree and say that James Franklin wasn't responsible for these young men's actions. I say that James Franklin was in the room and in the heads of each of these supposed gentlemen. Each of whom faces a lifetime of misery now as convicted sexual predators while Coach Franklin is rewarded with a bouquet of roses, a multi-million dollar salary, and national acclaim for winning. Penn State University, Baylor University, University of Tennessee, University of North Carolina, University of Louisville, and the list goes on and on, these supposed institutions of higher learning tangled up in webs of immorality and criminal activities all for the sake of sports.