Jun. 26, 2017

Falling into Summer in America circa Twenty 17

I heard it said that B’more is quite vicious

However, those Baltimore Berger Cookies are so damn delicious

Those fried crab cakes at Fraidley’s are awfully nutritious

Why does B’more’s police department seem so damn malicious

No way do I go past B’more’s Inner Harbor

They say parts of East Baltimore look like the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor

Three more bodies dropped in Sand Town

Is there another Harriett Tubman to take us safely underground

All those popping searing ringing bullets above ground

Why do those murderous bullets always make those searing sounds

Leading to all my young black brothers being buried six feet in the ground

I heard it said that Chi-Town is so vicious

Its police department like B’more’s is quite malicious

Why is Garrett Popcorn so damn delicious

We all know that pizza at Vito’s and Nick’s is quite nutritious  

I’d better stay close to the Michigan Avenue Mile

In other parts of Chi-Town, they stack the bodies in piles

The winds off the lake should bring the crime down

Yet those bullets still kill in frozen climes

It’s summer and they say things are heating up

Why are so many young black brothers still in lock-up

It seems that Mayor Rahm Emanuel needs a checkup

His whole damn administration seems to head for a lineup

Stop dropping black bodies all over Chi-Town

Falling into Summer in America circa twenty 17

Taser, shoot, slicing the fruit off that black male fruit tree

Killing the fruit before it can naturally fall free

Isn’t it a shame that young black fruit can’t simply ripen on that any black fruit tree

The seeds don’t even have time to blossom over time

Cutting them down early it’s such a damn crime

I simply don’t care who cuts the black fruit from the vine

It’s just wrong to kill our young brothers before their time 

You see no matter who slices that vine unleashing that murderous line

Dropping all our black fruit hard on to the damn ground

Whether blue, black, white or brown 

You all took our black fruit before it could shine

Falling into Summer in America circa twenty 17

After Fall, Winter and Spring were so damn mean in America

You see I see dream of seasons that are not so extreme 

Where all of our black fruit will hold firm on those valuable vines

Maybe, maybe just maybe we will reach a time

That our young brothers and sisters will age like a vintage wine

Our communities will show the human up flow 

Not caught in the midst of this murderous death throe

Yes, B’more and Chi-Town will begin to drink a fruit black Bordeaux