Jun. 26, 2017

Philando Castile was Murdered In Cold Blood

3 Questions For The Living
1. Where is the Justice?
2. Where is the Outrage?
3. Why are Black Men under siege in America?
4. Who speaks for unjustly harmed?
5. You do know that Court Cash Settlements aren't justifications, excuses, or forget-me-nots for these hideous acts? No amount money cannot nor should it shield murder.
6. Are the Bill of Rights really the Bill of Whites Rights?
7. Are We The People, really We The White People?
8. Is this 1937 or 2017, why do we allow black public lynchings to continue?
9. Why is my wide-set nose a reason for my demise?
10. How can you murder me in plain view, with telephonic evidence, yet still walk the streets free?
11. Is it hatred I surmise?
12. Why do you hate me at such a level that you can instantly devalue my existence?
13. My name is Philando Castle, why I am not around to enjoy these Minnesota summer days?