Jun. 27, 2017

Project Uplift Literacy

There isn't much that Hillary Clinton and I agree on. However, on these pertinent facts, there can be no argument between us. I amended #4 so that it reflected the needs of our black communities. See you this evening for today's Black Man's Read Aloud Hour.
At today's American Library Association's National Conference, Mrs. Clinton made the following powerful statement I did a little revision:
1. “Reading is not just a nice thing to do. It’s how we help give our children the best possible start in life,” There are reading research studies that suggest children in low-income families hear 30 million fewer words by the age of 4 than their affluent counterparts."
2. “Librarians have to be on the front lines of one of the most important fights we have ever faced in history in this country: the right to defend truth and reason, evidence and facts,”
3. "Sparking someone’s love of learning, changing the course of a life, standing up for the freedom to read, to learn ― nothing is more important than that in a free society,”
4. Libraries are critical to the well-being of rural/urban communities and provide invaluable resources to help immigrants, minorities, and refugees learn English, learn to read and “know and be able to comprehend their rights as functioning American citizens.”
(revised JSH 6/27/2017)
Project Uplift Literacy

The Facts: 

46% of Black Americans have some specific level of illiteracy
63% of Black 9-10-year-old children are reading below the most basic level of reading proficiency
75% of Black Males in Grades K-12 cannot or have not passed the California State Reading Test