Jun. 29, 2017

Okie Doke

Nancy Reagan was promoting "just say no" while Ronnie Reagan was selling drugs in our cities to arm the Contras in their fight against the Sandinistas in El Salvador. Melania Trump is now promoting action against cyber-bullying on the internet and social media while Donald Trump is now the nation's most recognizable cyber-bully.
You think you got us spinning in circles, round and round we go and you think we're caught up in your maze of disinformation, fake news, dizzying diversions, and utter confusion. You think that this is most uninformed populace in our entire history. You feel that many Americans are suckers for anything. Both the Reagans and the Trumps were entertainers first, and public servants last and least. They knew the art of slight of hand and public diversion. Tell them something that they want to hear and do the exact opposite at the same time. We realize the game and the results will be the same, exposure and ultimately full disclosure.