Jul. 4, 2017

America oh America, Needs A Moral Wash’ing: Tweets & White Sheets

America, oh America, oh land  of the slightly free,

America, oh America, are you not really everyone’s America?

How can this be, oh America, mistaken land of true democracy,

America, oh America, you always seem to seek those white-washed seas,

America, oh America you’ve closed your ears to our shattered pleads,

America, oh America, why do you ask for our blood as fees?

America, oh America, why do you demand us to our knees?

America, oh, America, your hidden hate has gone berserk,

America, oh America how in the hell is democracy in this land ever to work?

America, oh America, why do continue to allow injustice this damn smirk?

America, of America, inequality in this land continues ticking like clockwork.

America, oh America, got some white folks thinking they are living on the river Rhine

America, oh America you must see these hateful acts are never supine?

America, of America, you understand that racism runs up and down democracy’s spine,

America, oh America, why do many of  your people  search for life in fantasy of cloud nine,

America, oh America did you ever really want to erase that wretched color line.

America, oh, America, can’t we simply locate a new truth baseline?

America, of America, King once called you out for that revealed hate of black

America, oh America you never gave these people any damn slack

America, oh America, black folks are simply tired of being mack’ed

America, oh America, young black men always being jack’ed

America, oh America, you need a moral washing

America, oh, America, your President tweets one-half of white Americans go looking their white sheets

America, of America, our people demand a move away from this constant taste of whitewashing

America, oh, America, we are no longer trained to be brainwashed

America, oh America truth and justice for us is simply haters’ hogwash

America, oh America, the time is near for the aim of  black people is clear

America, oh America, wash your minds from all this hate and injustice’s distaste

America, oh America, we can no longer wait nor constantly take a lair’s bait

America, oh America, we understand now what will be our fate

America, oh America, the line of equality in this nation has truly never ever run straight

America, oh America, why in the hell didn’t you just give us our own damn state?

America, oh America, rather than allowing you America, to endanger the black male birthrate?

America, oh America, the call is loud and clear 

America oh America, justice should never be something to fear

America, oh America, wash your shores in dark rich moral blackness

America, oh America, love the hues of colored souls

America, oh America, don’t feel any pinch of sadness

America, oh America loving white has only created this damn madness!

America, oh America, loving black may bring this nation true eternal gladness.