Jul. 5, 2017

Harris/Castro 2020

America will need a new refreshed core of leaders in 2020 to cleanse the stench of this current administration’s programs and policies from the American scene in 3 1/2 years. It’s never too early to have the foresight to envision a brighter day for America’s middle and weaker classes of citizens. Even if many of those citizens were sucked into the belief that a Trump Presidency was a Presidency for the people, yes, it was for the people. Only those elite few who could prosper while the majority of Americans had the safety nets of domestic tranquility snapped right from beneath their feet. Leaving each of them catapulting into the unknowns of health and domestic miseries.  Of course, the initial process of change begins during the mid-term elections which if properly handled will put the kibosh on any chance of Trump, or Trump’s minions doing further harm to this nation. However, by next November 2018 and the following January 2019, the damage that has been done will and could be devastating. The electoral opportunity will present itself to completely shift the legislative balance of Congress and the Statehouses to new, renewed, creative, and energized leadership.  It has taken a little more than seven months to erase President Obama’s policies from this country’s memories. From his domestic policies of educational reform to his health initiatives to his foreign engagement policies, all have been seriously threatened simply because of the putrid feelings of animosity that nurtured because this black man had the “audacity” to think that he could reside and lead this nation from the cliffs of economic disaster. You may not completely agree with many of Obama’s policies. You may have felt that those responsible for the cliff walking and devastation caused by Wall Street Bankers should have been doing prep walks. Rather than continue to cash government checks to the tunes of billions of dollars. You may have even thought Obama’s policies should have been more urban focused. One thing you cannot deny is that President Obama and his administration saved America’s automobile industry which was on the verge of economic collapse as well as the banking industry that was on the precipice of total economic depression. The depression of 2009 would’ve made the collapse of 1929 seem like a cakewalk or a daytime walk in Central Park. Today, on my blog I focus my first views to the election of 2020. When this country will have a real opportunity to seize control of panels of government and put this nation on the road a true future that will captivate the energies of true change for humanity.

First off, neither candidate Bernie Sanders, or, Hillary Clinton needs to be considered for the Democratic Party’s nomination to head the ticket in 2020. Oh, not because Bernie Sanders, whom I feel is a quality individual shouldn’t be engaged in the discussion. It’s simply because Bernie Sanders will be 79 years of age in 2020. Now, that is an incredibly elevated age to be considered for any ticket for President.   Hillary Clinton simply needs to be the best grandmother she can be for Chelsea’s baby and coming brood.  Hillary will be the same age as Bernie Sanders was during his run 2016, so age isn’t the issue. The issue with Hillary is Hillary, even though she won the popular vote against Trump she also lost bellwether states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to Trump/Pence as well as Indiana. She lost in areas of the country the Democrats have to hold in order to be electable.  Sorry, Hillary, you’re not Dick Nixon, there will be no big-time turnaround for you in 2016.  The party needs truly new faces. We could look directly at Eric Holder, and the Senator from New Jersey to be Cory Booker but I’m telling you I am apprehensive about both of these fine public servants. I think that both Cory and Eric’s ties to big money bankers on Wall Street align them more with the status quo than a real fundamental change in the direction of American government policies. Listen I loved Corey Booker’s Democratic speech at the convention in Philadelphia. It was motivational, engaging, and uplifting and then he became bedfellows with Kushner, and all that goodwill evaporated. The fact that of the matter is that Eric Holder’s handling of the Ferguson, Missouri situation disturbed me. I simply don’t feel that I can support his candidacy in 2020. Tim Kaine, the flawed Vice Presidential Candidate with Hillary Clinton brought absolutely no excitement to that ticket and should not have been on the ticket.  He simply could be a great secretary of something, not President of the United States.

I’ve decided to take a totally different path to next ticket that should be elected to the highest offices in the land. I don’t come at this decision without much thought. I want to see this not as a democratic ticket because personally, I’m a little flustered with this idea of two parties. I see this as truly a people’s ticket, with an individual leading the ticket who was raised in the city of confrontation, a city of ideas, a city of merging and emerging thoughts. Kamala Harris, the current Senator from California, a graduate not of Harvard, Yale, or Princeton but Howard University in Washington, DC. Kamala Harris, was born of a mighty people and she has always, and I mean always directed her efforts as a champion for those who needed a voice because their voices had been silenced. Although, she has only been in the Senate now for less than a year. Kamala Harris is making a name for herself as an advocate for justice and equality. Those who felt this proud black woman could be shook were certainly surprised when she let those who challenged her to know that she was a person of substance, not simply beauty. I remember back when I saw a similar woman like Kamala Harris, her name was Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, who in 1972 captivated me at the Democratic National Convention. Yvonne was beautiful but more than that her intelligence outshone her beauty.  She served in the House of Representative but had the energy and desire to make this nation fully equal that she should have been elected President.  Well, I see feistiness and vigor in Kamala Harris. I would love to support her candidacy for President in 2020.  Kamala Harris is currently 52 years old so she is fully capable of running an aggressive national campaign. Her ticket will be able to engage the emerging voter, the experienced voter, the justice voter, the voter who cares will be the voter who dares to shake the system and vote Kamala Harris, President of United States of America. On the ticket with her is a name that was elevated during the Democratic Convention in 2012.  Julian Castro, former Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, and former HUD Secretary in the Obama Administration. Julian Castro. I really think that a Harris/Castro ticket will indeed be a substantive, quality ticket that could reinvigorate this nation. The qualities of each candidate will align in such a way that the positive energies produced would be enormous.  There are suitable candidates preferably in the 45-55-year-old age range that can run an articulate, intelligent, dynamic campaign for this office? I mean the Senator from California Kamala Harris is 52 and she will be 55 in 2020 during the campaign. This country needs to evolve beyond color and look towards engaged caring. I feel that this is the ticket for that change. We will definitely need a cleansing to remove the stench of this administration policies and actions.