Jul. 5, 2017

Damn Wake Up Please!

Hey, out there Deceptionville Media Land, USA are you really showing concern for Blac Chyna's drama, really, really, no, come on, really? I mean really, Rob what's his last name, Kardashian is trending, wow this nation is truly flaky as all get out. Your Healthcare on the muddy ledge and it's raining cats and dogs just a simple shove to outright oblivion, race rage and acts of prejudicial injustice is on the uptick, economic inequality is everywhere, and y'all worried about Blac Chyna? One-half of our black community is functionally illiterate, 80% of Califonia enrolled black males in grades K-12 can't pass a basic state reading exam and Blac Chyna is trending? Come on, wake the hell up before it's too late.
Our communities are crumbling from the inside out and on from the outside in but Blac Chyna's body composition and who paid for it is trending also that T.I. and Tiny paid for a threesome freaky deeky interlude with Blac Chyna. Who really should care about that, as long as the check cleared just those three folks. Our Black History need not ever be a Black Mystery but this is black foolishness and it should remain a mystery except for the participants.