Jul. 6, 2017

Frederick Douglass Letter To Thomas Auld

In 1848, Frederick Douglass felt the necessity to write a letter to his former slave owner Thomas Auld. I recorded this video in his words my voice on 5/8/2017. I felt each word, Frederick Douglass, wrote in this gut-wrenching letter. It was his deliverance message that made his new found freedom a reality. Maybe, if all Black Americans had written these letters to their past masters and detailed the agony, horror, terror, and brutality of forced servitude‚Äč. We could've released those demons that controlled so many aspects of our lives since our release from bondage 150 years ago.

Who do anguished black brothers and sisters write letters to today to unleash the pain of still being held captive black in America in 2017? I will begin reading on Project Uplift Literacy "Frederick Douglass" this evening.