Jul. 6, 2017

An Extended Thought About Miosotis Familia, A Mother, A Civic Wonder, And Prey

What can you say to the three children of Miosotis Familia? Your mother won’t be home ever again because self-hatred so consumed a black man that he decided to take her life without regret? He so hated the color blue that he forgot that the person wearing the color was black? The sickness of our society has simply got to find a level of human understanding. No longer can we find comfort in the actions of people overwhelmed with self-hatred, no matter the skin color.

The name “Miosotis” means a woman who h a receptive nature and may bear the burdens for others. Those with that name are often times pragmatic, thorough, strong-willed, practical and stubborn at times. These women are hard working, and often a “martyr to duty.” They like home and security above all.  They also can be intuitive and might be interested in the arts, drama, or science. 

To those in the hierarchy of the Police Department of New York City, Miosotis Familia was badge number 7470 at the 46th Precinct. Her fellow officers saw a dedicated officer who decided at the age of 36 to undertake a career in law enforcement. For 12 years she survived on the mean streets of New York City.  She demanded a sense of justice each and every time she left her home to work the midnight shift. We know that she understood the dangers of her job because told her friends and family of the dangers but it never discouraged her in performing her duties to her utmost abilities. 

That was until early Wednesday morning when she was targeted by a black man, a man of her melanin level, simply because she was wearing the blue uniform of law enforcement.  She was targeted by a man who personal level of self-hatred was such that he simply pulled the trigger while Miosotis Familia was sitting in her patrol car unaware that her life was about to end senselessly.  I hate to write posts like these because they shake at the very core of my faith in man’s inability to see humanity in a person rather than seeing a uniform color or skin color. In this case, it was the uniform color that incited this horrific act of violence. I refuse to even acknowledge his name in this post because he deserves no recognition on my part for the level of self-hatred that motivated this insidious act. Tomorrow morning they will be burying Bianca Nikol Roberson who was murdered because a white man had a level of self-hatred that motivated him to target her simply because Bianca was black. Now next week the bagpipes will be playing for Miosotis Familia along with a 21 gun salute simply because she was targeted for wearing blue and being black. 

May your spirit soar high with the angels, my your eternal light shine as bright as the most brilliant star. May our God envelope you with precious love Miosotis Familia, Rest In Peace, this world deserved so much more of your time, your children deserved some much more of your time, however, the time that was spent indeed precious to many you touched and the many who touched you. This was not a case “police rage" that was a "race and color murder" pure and simple. Miosotis was targeted because of the color of the uniform she was wearing as well as her skin color., not by any actions of her related to the performance of her duties to the citizens of New York City.