Jul. 9, 2017

The Beautiful Human Mind Don't Waste God's Incredible Gift

Joe Smoke Thoughts:
"There isn't anything like enhancing your knowledge base each and every day of your life. The day that you stop learning is the day you stop living. You should never participate in the game of personal ignorance or brain neglect. Your brain is an ever running engine fueled by what you gain daily in knowledge, concepts, theories, and thoughts. If you don't feed your subconscious and conscious minds constantly it will whither and actually age you more quickly than the lack of physical exertion. So make the effort every day to secure new knowledge for a child it comes easily because newness surrounds them. As you age the quest for mental growth requires ingenuity, creativity, and passion as well as searching for people who stretch possibilities and thought. If someone doesn't exert you mentally than they divert you intentionally. So be careful about who you engage with or who you share with. They can jeopardize growth or stabilize active mental neglect. This is my thought for a Sunday afternoon, and remember God in his/her most infinite wisdom gave you the gift of the human brain. If you don't us that gift fully you are failing not only yourself but also God."