Jul. 10, 2017

The Best Place To Hide Knowledge?

"In Plain Sight"
The powers that control the world understood the best place to hide knowledge of power from the masses, where, might you ask? Easy, just put them in books because only few will read them once they are older enough to comprehend them. You see literacy has always held the secret to the rapid elevator ride to the top. The powers will use every mechanism possible to divert our attention away from gaining knowledge.
Give the masses 24/7/365 access to nothingness and the majority of the masses will be sucked in this tunnel of swirling disinformation and fantasy. They will be addicted to the point that nothing real is really real and all that is fake takes the cake. Go see the emptiness of a library during a prime time media time. The bookshelves are calling out for attention but the dummy box is what is the attentive lure for the vast majority of people.
Why would anyone really seek true knowledge when they are obligated to follow the exploits of Olivia Pope, Ghost, Blac Chyda, Joseline, Scrappy, Stevie J., Kandi, Porsche, Kenya, Lucious, Jussie, and the crew. We get caught up in the reality of fantasy so much that the reality of reality passes us by completely. The knowledge we should be seeking is there for the taking but the magnetism of nothingness simply has too strong of a hold. We then revel and bathe our minds to the point that relevance is unnecessary when the spreading of mass ignorance is the primary objective. Please don't get me started on mumble rap this afternoon?