Jul. 13, 2017

Black Genius, In Their Words, My Voice

Today's blog discussion centers around the recognition and survival of black genius. When Henry Lymon Morehouse first introduced the concept of the talented tenth in 1896 and WEB Dubois expanded on that same philosophy in 1905. The nation was caught between Booker T. Washington's philosophy of accommodation versus ensuring that education of the black man's doesn't negate the survival of black genius. Over more than a century our community has elevated and de-elevated the importance of education in our communities. The thought that I ask today is simply this: "In searching for that talented tenth have we neglected to the point of almost destruction that 90% that is necessary for true equality of thought and purpose. I can't do a crossover and finish hanging at the rim, so I'm I useless? I can't twirl and spin bars where is my place? How many young black geniuses have we neglected simply because their power was in the brains not in the biceps?