Jul. 17, 2017

Age of Innocence, Age Ain't Nothing But A Number, It Can't Be Both Can It?

Google the word innocence and then hit images, up comes picture after picture of young white girls in supposed innocent poses. Why don't black girls appear on the pages? HELL, I googled these three words "innocent black girls" and still white girls appeared, all I could think was what in the hell is going on. I did this purposely because even in our communities our black men don't except innocence in other black people's girls. That's why today's newly revealed article about the sexual escapades of that sexual deviant Robert R. Kelly isn't so surprising. You see he see's young black girls as sexual targets lacking any sense of innocence, not even prey just symbols for his conquest, nothing more or less. We watch videos of baby girls dancing alluringly at 3 and wonder why sexual activity begins as early as 10 or 11. Are we all guilty of falling into this trap, are we all trapped?

Today I was all set to discuss the specifics of why illiteracy had such an impact negatively on our community and the unsightly character Robert “R” Kelly reappeared in all his nastiness and foul behavior.  How can the person who created I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, I think about it every day and night, hold my hand and let’s take flight also be the man who is accused of subjecting young impressionable girls to so much emotional, physical, sexual, psychological abuse. 

This isn’t something that is hardly news to anyone of us monitoring Robert Kelly's activities with 17-20-year-old girls over the past 30 years.  Now we have a new set of parents chasing dreams, their’s, or may be their little girls seeking to find that elusive aura of stardom. They are willing to sacrifice any and all life's learning experiences for the possibility of hitting it rich. So what if my baby girl is shaking her ass in front of men 20-30 and 40 years her senior. It’s part of the game and sacrificing their child’s innocence is just a small price to pay for the “big reward”. So what if you ruin yours. her’s and other members of your immediate family. You want to get paid.  

How can anyone of us supposed intelligent adults leave their precious babies with Robert Kelly knowing his history of predatory behavior with young girls? Is the money that alluring that you will sacrifice your begotten child to gain those riches? Who do I blame R. Kelly? We know his behavior it’s visible and in plain sight. No surprises coming from Mr. Kelly, he’s a wolf dressed in wolf’s clothing. The parents unleashed a wolf in a young hen’s unprotected house with the key that only opens the door from the inside. You see the destruction from the outside but now you can do nothing about it because you gave the wolf the keys.


So in my message today, I am blaming these money hungry, money chasing, blinded by fame parents. You sacrificed your child’s innocence for a chance at fame. Now both you and your child have to pay the price for your ignorance. Robert Kelly, oh, we need to continue to police our own. So can an organization of responsible black men simply need to step towards R. Kelly and let him know that his lewd behavior is no longer acceptable?  He’s a 50 year-old-man who should have transitioned from boy to man to elder and act like it. 

It’s not as if I don’t have compassion for the children in these situations.  I truly do my God, their lives are being torn asunder literally by this parasite? Why in God’s heaven name would any responsible adult assume redemption when there was no evidence of R. Kelly being redeemed? Being a father of a 16-year-old daughter myself I know how you see the specialness in every movement, every word was spoken, or sang but are you really willing to sacrifice her innocence for the lure of a dollar?

The reports I read coming from news accounts of Robert Kelly’s rented properties outside Atlanta and his compound in Chicago are quite disturbing. The accusatory complaints coming from both parents and former colleagues of R. Kellly regarding the psychological, emotional, sexual, and physical treatment of these young ladies needs to be fully investigated, now, period! End of story.  I understand some in our communities will step to the defense of Robert Kelly. They may say he’s innocent until proven guilty. They may say he walked in the case that was prosecuted in that Chicago courtroom.  What I say today is normally where there is smoke, a fire is either raging or simmering. It’s been hot around Robert Kelly for quite some time; I mean hell-fire and brimstone hot. 

So I say this today to Mr. Robert Kelly, you’re 50  years-old now, leave the teenagers alone. Why can’t you simply see past the ass and look for the innocence? You must protect those just learning to protect themselves. If you build budding careers you build a lasting legacy. If you use your position of authority and power for abuse you defame whatever character you have remaining. I understand the mid-life crisis and the power that crisis can have over you. However, it doesn’t last for three decades nor does it include any aspect of mind-controlling others.  To the parents of these Kelly targets  “age is more than a number” and you should’ve known better.