Jul. 18, 2017

JoeSmokeThoughts, Three For A Tuesday

Game Of Thrones

It seems to me Game of Thrones equals so many negative elements of the concept of white supremacy. The maximum whiteness of the cast presents an interesting model about the glorification of whiteness. As we look at the Middle Ages which is the historical background of this fictional characterization the celebration of whiteness as being superior is evident in plot and substance. What was happening all around the globe during this fictional period? Wasn’t the underpinnings of white supremacy being carefully implemented in every continent on the planet? The greatness of white and dishonor of dark or black in people.  So it confuses why timelines of black folks blow up at 9:00 PM on Sunday nights with so-called educated masses of black folks? The Black Atlanta Star recently sent out a short vignette on how to avoid being whitewashed. The last item on that list of 7 strategies was turning off the number one vehicle of the white race domination broadcast instrument the television. I am in complete agreement with that strategy. Pick up a book read it learn about the Game of Thrones you participate in on a daily basis.

Why does it seem that so many seemingly conscious black folks are caught up in the diversion of Game of Thrones? Is it just a television show on HBO right?  Well if this world game of white supremacy is to continue to flourish, shows like Game of Thrones, must continue to be popular. Not only with the white audiences but also with the minority audiences. You constantly see the whites overcoming adversity and you subconsciously move towards the concept of supremacy of the white race. America, we as blacks lived in the Game of Thrones, it was segregation, sharecropping, Jim and Jane Crow, The Black Codes, peonage, or even worst the inhumanity of slavery. So why do we get hyped up on Sunday night about another show glorifying whiteness? Also, Mike Vick, Colin can cut his hair down to the skin but you know what it won’t define his level of black consciousness. It seems that we need only look at our past history in this country as well as around the globe and realize the outcome of the white struggle. In the final analysis, the people of color will end up on the short proverbial stick. So that’s why you will never see any GOT rehashes on joesmokethoughts.  I simply don’t need any more whitewashing to color my conscious or unconscious thoughts. You see in my final analysis whiteness loses and justice always wins.


“He’s Not My President, Either Angela”

I have been on this planet since 1954 and honestly, I can say without any hesitancy of all the elected Presidents of the United States I believe only 1 possibly 2 have truly had any of my vested interests at the core of their human values chart, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama.  Although, Barack Obama ignored my plea to punish the Wall Street Bankers. So, Angela Rye, the exercise you requested this evening isn’t at all difficult. Donald Trump isn't my President, period, neither was Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, or the other Bush. All of these men contributed to the negative onslaught of the black male and female populace which forced many of my brothers and sisters of color to live in horrid environmental and economic conditions.


Mike Vick

 Mike Vick, the reason that Colin doesn’t have a contract isn’t his conformity to hair styles. The reason he isn’t on someone’s white-owned football team is Colin’s refusal to look away from human injustice, and human bad behavior. Hell, Colin Kaepernick would have fought for your right Mike Vick to play the game of football after the dog fiasco. Yet, Mike Vick, all you can say to him is cut your hair boy, clean up and conform. Damn!