Jul. 20, 2017

Juice on Display

OJ played their game on and off the field, in the process of his choice he lost his identity, his racial familiarity, and felt invincible until the screw turned and the color he ran from all his adult life returned. It was then that his 40 time was irrelevant as well his so-called connections to his paper thin social circles.  Now he's no longer the Juice, he's simply was what he never ever wanted to be just another black man exposed for chasing whiteness until he was deemed damaged goods. He came back to community he shunned but he still is searching for that elusive whiteness that was lost and will never reappear. OJ's cage is his color and he will never ever be able to outrun that. He'll never be Free because because the cage can't be washed away. He's fake and denied his blackness for God's sake. So as those who made him continue to disgrace him. I will pass on this new circus. Ringling Brothers has taken away the animals from the circus but they still have the Juice on display.