Jul. 21, 2017

What If?

While I am in the bastion of Trump's nation Augusta, Georgia it got me to thinking about a period past and what technology could have offered our communities related to human justice. We

know how social media and the cell phone camera become the ultimate exposers of injustice. It had me wondering what white supremacists and the other 1% power dictators really feel about the evolution of mass communication in the 21st century. What was once hidden in the darkness of injustice is now exposed for all to see in virtual seconds. Can you imagine just for a minute if we had this level of communication during the time of our most maximum level of oppression? When the constitution was a fool's tool for people of the darker race. When codes of injustice were the laws we lived by? I mean we had to wait for 6 pm newscast for the momentary glimpses of our oppression to be acknowledged.


Just for a minute imagine Malcolm on Twitter, or King's Facebook timeline, or Medgar's Instagram photos? How would the photos and timelines looked from the Edmund Pettus Bridge? You think Malcolm's tweets from his Harlem encounters with law enforcement would have forced change quicker? What about Medgar's photo and cell phone videos from The Mississippi Delta? This is what provoked my thoughts this afternoon. If the producers of Game of Thrones want to fantasize that rather than the asinine thought of the Confederacy winning and blacks still in chains. I am all in on that fictional scenario but of course that doesn't fit into the schematic story of white domination.