Jul. 23, 2017


White Supremacy Lesson on the road back from Georgia. The town of Greenwood within the city of Tulsa was torched because a black man stumbled in an elevator into the white female elevator operator who screamed rape. That incident set off a series of actions that ended with the total destruction of Black Wall Street in Greenwood, Oklahoma.

Also, another quick note the number one reason for black men being lynched after the implementation of Jim Crow and the Black Codes was the accusation of rape, or so-called improper behavior or words directed towards a white woman by a black man, it could be as innocent as being caught looking in the direction of a white woman.

So the protection of the white female's illusion of purity has disrupted this nation's negative treatment of black men for centuries. So even when a black man is wearing an official suit of armor or authority it makes no difference. He stepped over the line of demarcation by killing the white woman. It is now the media's responsibility to project her purity and to defile the black trigger man.