Jul. 24, 2017

Big Brother Inside You

So now it begins:
Three Square Market
In Wisconsin, a company will be planting microchips into the person of its employees shortly. Of course initially, the procedure will strictly optional, with the employees having the option of either opting out or into the insertion of the microchip. I preface the word "initially" because I feel that by the year 2025 every American and anyone traveling in the world will have this chip inserted by our Homeland Security Agency. It will no doubt be able by that time to immediately shut down all bodily functions of any individual deemed a threat to national security.
Come on joesmokethoughts aren't you taking things a little bit too far? Well, let me ask you this question prior to 9/11/2001 did you imagine you would almost have to disrobe as well as have invasive encounters every time you entered an airport to take a flight. Did you really imagine that every time you entered any large gathering at a stadium or entertainment center you were considered guilty before entrance? That any item that you had on your person had to be scrutinized from every conceivable angle before it passed the inspection of person who looked at you strangely before of the clothes you were wearing. Well, now the insertion of a rice sized chip will be the next level of governmental invasion of our constitutional rights. It's as if we are human sheep being lead to a butcher to be silenced. We allow the Patriots Act to annihilate our privacy rights because we feared the unimaginable happening again. So, we allowed our legislators to snatch up any rights we should have protected vigorously because we thought the boogie terrorist had infiltrated every sanctuary we held dear.
Once, we allow our legislators to open Pandora's Box Of Invasive Tactics to gain an imaginary level of total security. Out the door went level minded thought because the enemy was real and standing beside me. Everyone was considered the enemy and the enemy was lurking everywhere. So now when you pack you must be cognizant of each and every item that is placed in your luggage. Who hasn't anguished at the notice at that tag inspected by Homeland Security in your personal belongings, when you arrive home and unpack? So you all had better get ready because the insertion of the human security chip is a few years away. If you don't think that in some cluster of rooms there are men and women developing this technology. I guess your head has been stuck in the sand because this human technological control is definitely on the drawing board. As well as probably individuals finding ways to defeat the technology. You try to disrupt or disengage the chip and you will face the direst of circumstances. Either immediate termination or the most damned shock of your entire life.
Oh, it started innocent enough a chip to purchase items from vending machines and open locked corporate doors. Then we able to go shopping without annoying credit cards or paper money because this rice sized chip eliminated the hassles of life. Then we realized after it was too late that the chip that saved us time is actually taking innocent lives because we allowed some legislators to save us from ourselves. This indeed is my provoked thought for today. It isn't for everyone only those with the imagination to understand the evils of those who want complete human domination. George Orwell wrote that "Big Brother Is Watching You". I bet he never assumed that "Big Brother Would Eventually Be Inside You".