Jul. 24, 2017

Lucky Not In America

Damn! Come On Now!
How can your given name be Lucky Whitehead and face this dilemma? You are charged with shoplifting at a convenience store, June 22, 2017, in Prince William County, Virginia. Yet, you have documented evidence, your ticket, that your flight didn't arrive at Dulles International Airport until 6 hours after the alleged crime took place?
Oh, that right Lucky Whitehead is a "black man" and that my friends are reasons enough to be"unlucky" when it comes to the justice system in America. So even though you weren't in town let's issue a warrant for your arrest, mess up your entire Monday with this bullshit. So that the employer of Lucky Whitehead, The Dallas Cowboys, can fire him in a flicker of an eye. So that 680K he was going to make in 2017 has evaporated in a puff of smoke, he's now Unlucky Whitehead.