Jul. 26, 2017

The Colin Clause & The Human Brain

OK, Folks, you know who I'm talking about those NFL fanatics. I think it's time for y'all to pull away from those big screens. Not only is the league so corrupted that it's made a league wide decision to blackball Colin Kaepernick because he had the audacity to show a degree of consciousness. That's funny coming from a league that savors hits that deliver an unconscious state for a conscious mind. Now, newly released research has shown that of the 111 brains of former NFL players examined 110 showed evidence of severe cases of brain damage. The incident rate of CTE is a startling .989% which doesn't bode well for those players who sacrificed life and limb to provide your entertainment on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday's in the National Football League. Even of the brains tested from former college football players, the rate of CTE is .91%. While the sampling size is small for college athletes nevertheless it strikingly high. So, if you have watched either a college or pro football game. The evidence is clear that you have been subjected to be the spectator for out and out brain destruction.

Is it time for exclusion of helmets and pads? Time to add simply a flag to the game we all loved growing? Time for a competitive league of two hand touch football.  Not too many cases CTE from my childhood buddies who traversed the grasslands playing two hand touch? Out with the big behemoths striking fear in running back and quarterbacks minds. Time to see an end to massive collisions caused by the combination of speed, mass, and force meeting simultaneously for control of some oblong shaped pigskin. Great idea, football, but the idea didn’t take into account that the young men playing this game would eventually through scientific and athletic training would grow into 295 pounders capable of running sprinter’s speed with the ability to pull trucks. Yes, we are a savage nation. It seems our nation has been involved in some type of military action for 95% of the time of our inception. Maybe that is the reason we love the game of football because it mimics war. Yet, the time has come to comprehend that America’s Game may not be a Humane Game. Especially if you review the x-rays of a human brain before football and a human brain after colliding with other human brains playing football. Until our collision technology develops helmets that completely protect the human brain from the impact caused by violent collisions. Then I believe it’s time that our society step away from this gladiator sport that induces men and now women to play this game of designed collisions. 

Yet, as technology makes things easier for us to live. It has also made this collision sport even more dangerous to the participants who commit and sacrifice to play a game they love. Even the contracts aren’t guaranteed for the professional football players. The only truly protected players on the field is the quarterback, unless of course, he has the ire of the referee or the umpire and then all bets are off on him. Tom Brady, need only be breathed on and the yellow flag comes out. While,  Cam Newton, has been hit as hard as any man on the field without a sign of a yellow penalty flag in sight.  Ice Cube introduced a 3 on 3 basketball league so why not create an option that takes the collision out the game of football?  Is it time introduce the model of 7 on 7 football in a more structured format? Time to end this madness of watching our brothers end up in mental conditions you wouldn't wish upon your enemies. You surely can’t wish this mental incapacitation on these heroes you cheered for in stadiums across this nation.  No one wants to survive or live with a brain made of mush? Were all the gray matter is now blackened by physical decay. 

If this society is so addicted to the sport and can’t survive without. Put some stringent limitations on participation in the game. I would design an age limitation of 20-30 years of age. No man can play this collision sport beyond a decade and every contract is immediately guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years. The maximum number of contracts signed can be no longer in duration than a decade in length, but every year of the contract is guaranteed. In addition, to minimize the number of collisions in the sport the total roster size will be increased from 55 to 70 available players per game. Any player involved in a collision that results in any semblance of possible brain injury will be unable to play for a minimum of 6 games. On the offensive line holding but not tackling of defensive players will be acceptable. Yet, entirely no blows to the heads of either defensive or offensive players will be tolerated. Any incident that incurs a blow to the head will mean immediate suspension without pay for a minimum of 4 weeks. Oh, a player cannot be blackballed because he has a societal consciousness that motivates him to speak out against the ills of society. the Colin Clause will be interpreted now by the owners of the team but by the teammates of the player. No retribution due to player support will be allowed by team management.  

If you took a look at those damaged brains in the article. Think about this how about if Dave Duerson was your brother, your son, your dad? How would you feel if Mike Webster was your dad, your son, your brother? How about if Junior Seau was your son, you brother, your dad? Would you want your son, your brother, your dad’s brains to look like theirs did? You participated in a small way, all of us did in the meaningless deaths of these men. We screamed and cheered as they threw their bodies and brains around with reckless abandon. Do you at least feel a tinge of regret? Personally, I’ve decided to beg away from professional football because of the way Colin Kaepernick is being treated. These brain images as well percentages of collision induced injuries make that decision even easier.