Jul. 27, 2017

This Brother Said Hell No, My Brain is a Gift Not To Be Destroyed

Hey, John Urschel, great move retiring from football today. Your brain is so much more powerful undamaged and no amount of dollars can recover any degree of brain damage incurred playing this collision sport. Your mental capacities were a gift from the almighty. To recklessly abuse that gift playing a sport of gladiator collision would be like pissing in the wind against God. You see when God pisses in the wind he creates hurricanes when Man pisses in the wind he simply gets wet. Thanks for keeping that brilliant brain of yours dry, Dr. John Urschel. You can possibly develop mathematical formulas that will possibly change the dynamics of human existence. Why threaten intellectual brilliance by playing this game that has already proven to endanger one's ability to be cognizant after repeated blows to the human brain? Mr. Urschel, a graduate of Penn State University and currently a doctoral candidate at M.I.T. resume is quite distinctive without any mention of his being an offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens.  This further explains his decision today. He is currently working and has worked on the spectral graph theory, numerical PDE’s, matrix algebra, computational finance, mathematical physics and others. He currently has the fastest eigensolver for minimal Laplacian eigenvectors. The brother is a real life Sheldon Cooper without the fictional television script. So, I am not the least bit surprised that he made this decision to turn in his cleats, pads, and seven figure contract today. The intellectual side of John Urschel simply overpowered the emotional side of John Urschel. All the evidence that has filtered in from research on the examinations of these human brains damaged by playing this collision sport simply was way too powerful to ignore from a man with Mr. Urschel's intellectual aptitude. 

Maybe as time moves on more and more men will make this decision to back away from this violent sport. Maybe even our society won't rely on building our social calendars around watching this game seemingly seven days a week. Heck, maybe we will be able to differenciate from accepting that this sport isn't the type of entertainment that is truly conducive of a civilized society. Bone crunching, shock absorbing, devastatingly powerful hits aren't the things that God intended for us to use our bodies for to entertain others. It's time that we stop listening to the owners of these money grubbering teams. Who have managed through psychological and socialogical inflitration to turn this game into an American institution. If we simply listen to them the game is the safest sport on the planet. The hell with the research that is simply bias against the game. Even though evidences have clearly been documented that football and the most dangerous sport on the planet. More dangerous than ice hockey, yes, because each play includes 22 players capable of either inflicting damage or being damaged.

I really hope that Colin Kaepernick never plays another football game. His social voice and intellectual is simply too valuable to society to be sacrificed on the gridiron. Just say NO, Colin, Just say NO. Colin Kaepernick, maybe the best thing that has happened to you is that you cannot get another contract to play football. You may feel that you need the game to use as a sounding board to seek justice for the masses. I think you will be more influencial in future days  cognizant rather than have a permanent dizzy condition caused by head to head, or head to body collisions.  Great move today John Urschel I think today's decision may have saved some lives down the road.