Aug. 1, 2017

Happy African American Day "August 1, 1619"

Today is August 1, 2017, it signifies the 398th year, or the 145, 270th day, or the 3,486,480th hour, the 290,188,800th minute that those 20 plus 5 Africans landed in the colony that was located in what is now Hampton, Virginia. So what do you think I will blog about today?  These Africans came from the region of the continent that is now Angola. They were captured by Portuguese slave traders. Their initial destination was the West Indies Islands but they were pirated by a British ship off the coast of Mexico.  The ship was the White Lion who eventually sailed these poor souls to Old Point Comfort which now Hampton, Virginia. Some were sold as slaves, others sold as indentured servants. What is known is that these proud Africans were the first of their kind to be forcibly placed into bondage in what is now America. 

So now 398 years later we as a black people have survived the harshest acts of physical torture, mental as well as psychological destruction, murderous plundering of our communities, acts of sexual deprivation to our men, women, and children, acts of economic devastation, forced human bondage, educational deprivation, and so many others horrid by white people in the control of power. We were strangers in a new land willing to work to build this nation with honest intentions. However, the malicious, murderous intentions of whites would never allow equal footing in a nation supposedly built on the principles that “all men were created equal”. We suffered for so long in silence for if our voices were heard there were violently shut tight by a lyncher's rope. or a barrage of bullets. Today, we can look back to those initial black men and women who stepped on the shores of America with wondering eyes and inquisitive thoughts and say we shall never give up, never give in. Your rich blood flows through us still today and the power and faith that you exhibited continue to keep us strong as we strive forward. August 1, 1619, is a date that will live in infamy for people of the darker hue who arrived on the shores of the America after crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the Chesapeake Bay, and the James River.  


So on August 1, 2017, 398 years from your first steps on this continent, 145,270 days from your first sighting of the Virginia shores, 3, 486, 480 hours from hearing the call “land ho”, and 290,188, 800 minutes from the initial beginnings of Black African American bondage.  We can say through the rough road we’re still coming up; through the rough road although challenged we will never forget the price you and yours paid. For in the deepest, darkest point of despair that light of hope still flickered for you to return home. Now we know that you were indeed ready to make this a new home. We must not allow all your efforts and the efforts of all who followed to ever be forgotten. Each of their sacrifices must be uplifted to the highest of heights. The Jewish people say of the Holocaust in Europe, “never again”. We as black people who suffered along with the Native American the worst treacherous terroristic acts known to mankind must learn to say “never forget and never forgive”. This land is our land, from every mountain side, every riverbed, every cornerstone, every forest tree this land has seen us bleed. This land has seen our strange fruit and cried out in anguish. So matter what anyone says this land will be forever more a land of color because color built America, like it or not. Happy Birthday, Africans we salute you.