Aug. 2, 2017

Project Uplift A Black Man Reading Aloud Annual E-Book Update

These are e-books that I have read on Project Uplift Literacy over the past 14 months:


1. Frederick Douglass

2. The Portable Frederick Douglass

3. Down To The Crossroads

4. Be Free Or Die

5. Stokely A Life

6. He Calls Me By Lightning

7. The Autobiography of Medgar Evers

8. Bartlett's Familiar Black Quotations

9. Death of A King 

10. Silent Covenants: Brown v. Bd. Of Ed.

11. Writings From WEB DuBois

12. The Senator and the Sharecropper

13. Say It Loud

14. The Covenant With Black America

15. They Say

16. Never Caught: The Relentless Pursuit of Ona Judge By George/Martha Washington 

17. Lay This Body Down

18. A Knock At Midnight

19. Black History: History in an Hour

20. Say It Plain

21. Red Summer 

22. Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community

23. Seeds of Revolution

24. Why We Can't Wait

25. Living Black History

26. Breaking The Line

27. The Warmth of Other Suns

28. Souls Of Black Folks


These (28) titles are strictly the e-books I have read. They do not include the many hardcover books I have introduced and Read Aloud on the Project Literacy as well. The Blackman's Read Aloud has opened the covers of these 28 books from Introduction to Epilogue. The illumination of the issue of issue of adult and youth illiteracy in the black communities is a difficult problem to accept first and conquer second.  Who really wants to admit publicly or even privately that they have difficulties with the printed word? In the case of illiteracy, you must first admit to the deficiency if you ever really want to free yourself of anxiety that comes with problems with the printed word.

 Many people have encountered and defeated the enemy of illiteracy. Yes, it is an enemy one that puts darkness into one’s life when confronted with word meaning, word recognition, word comprehension, and word understanding. You must have a handle on the skill of literacy. Now more than ever you cannot compete in a global world effectively without being able to read. All around each of us the demand for being able to read is ever-present. Yes, technology has taken over many aspects of day to day living, however, the presumption of being able to read is an essential element in one’s ability to be able to exist in this ever-changing world. No need to guess on what you think it says if you know exactly what it says.  

So today I am doing an update on the progress of Project Uplift Literacy. Imagine the amount of non-fiction literature that has been exposed by one black man reading aloud?  The knowledge of the black man’s contribution to the magnificent history of these United States. I have aligned black history with black literacy in a strategy to expand one and minimize the other.  So continue to join me from Sunday to Friday between the hours of 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM for the social media Facebook Live sessions of Project Uplift Literacy because this is one Blackman who refuses to believe that all Blackman shouldn’t be able to read and read aloud.