Aug. 3, 2017

God Works In Mysterious Ways

I hope Colin Kaepernick signs with Miami Dolphins ­čÉČ because he will be the starter the entire season with Ryan Tannehill maybe out with a torn ACL. Well, that wasn't quick Ryan Tannehill does have a severe knee injury. So Colin's chance at the sun and fun of Miami Beach hasn't melted away. So may be he will be able to take the team on day trips to Havana for consciousness raising activities. That just shows us how so sweet GOD works. So, owners you still cannot simply continue to ignore injustice or hide behind the door of ignorance. Sooner or later the light of justice will burn away society's ills. Baltimore's Ravens would've been great but the spotlight as CK whips on the Patriots, Jets and the Bills is simply more powerful a statement. Sign Colin or see your viewership numbers start to dwindle. You lost 9% last year lose another 20% and start to scramble owners. Just give the man a job!