Aug. 4, 2017

Think First, Then Act Consciously

I support Colin Kaepernick's right to protest injustice in any way that he deems appropriate. As long as his protest is not physically or mentally abusive to others. His silent act of sitting or kneeling during the playing of the national anthem was his individual protest to highlight the situation of police brutality and human injustice facing peoples of color in our country. The act of individual protest or a person's direct activism is a right guaranteed by our constitution and the bill of rights.

I choose not to support the NFL any longer not because Colin Kaepernick can't secure a contract. My issue is that 32 men have decided that they are larger and more important than the constitution and the bill of rights which make our nation the republic that it is. In addition, these same 32 men kept secret from the national public the pervasive use of pain narcotics abuse just to ensure players could continue to endanger their futures to play a game today. In addition, these 32 men kept secret findings that directly connect brain damage that resulted in playing this game. These are a few of the reasons why I think personally we should boycott this game. We have allowed a game to endanger what we all should value, human decency and the protection of human rights. Whether Colin takes a snap under center this year isn't reason enough to say "hell no" to football but it is one of the myriads of reasons that we should begin to analyze how we allow ourselves to be conditioned by a small number of men who only care for themselves and not the men who sacrifice their bodies on a weekly basis.

So as we engage in our thoughts today and later down the line remember the slavery plantation elements of football were clearly visible before Colin dropped to a knee. We need to take back control of our minds about these games of play. They are simply diversions created to subdue consciousness. Will our communities regain some level of human decency if Colin takes a snap from center in 2017? Our issues must be confronted collectively for the problems of our society aren't black problems, white or brown problems, they are human issues that can only be solved by conscious human beings. Another provoked thought by #joesmokethoughts.