Aug. 5, 2017

RISE, Joseph S Hall

Spending this Saturday afternoon choosing prospective market affiliates to promote on my blog site:
It's time for all my efforts to start to bring back a return. This society measures growth by dollars but my website will measure growth by community engagement. If Arianna Huffington can do why can't Joseph Shelton Hall. I will use the gifts that are God-given to employ my self and hopefully others as my site grows. Less than 11,000 unique viewers from 100,000 which means that viewer traffic is continuing to trend upwards. So in the name of those ancestors who gifted my voice, determination, and will, I intend to reach the highest goals possible. Remember that age is but a number that can and should be used to elevate one's consciousness. Frederick Douglass's last public speech detailed the lessons of the hour but more than that it detailed our trail of tears and misery suffered by people of color since they arrived on these shores in 1619. Yet as Maya Angelou said so eloquently, STILL WE RISE. So it's my plan to rise each day with a defined purpose of personal human growth and by elevating myself I hope to motivate others to elevate themselves.