Aug. 6, 2017

In My Lifetime Nobody’s Greater

His reign has ended 

His term is done

This is Usain’s last race to be run

He owned the track 

He gave no runner any slack

All anyone saw was the letters JAMAICA on his uniform’s back

He ran with the wind and seemingly faster than light

Bolt’s Olympic Gold Medals shine ever so bright

The first time he won gold he ran 9.69 the greatest time ever

All the other runners seemed to be held back with a tether 

Then in 2012 he went even faster 9.63 he’s a rocket, a myth, Mercury’s clone

All I can say is no one could catch that Usain Bolt drone

Then in his final in Rio last year ran a 9.81 never leaving first gear

Still, all his competitors were still caught in the rear

This week in London he bid his adieu’s 

Packed up his equipment, put away his gold shoes

In a photo finish with a terrible start in the blocks

King Bolt’s reign as the world’s fastest man ended

In my lifetime there has been no one greater

Not Morrow, Hary, Hayes, Hines, Borzov, Crawford, Wells, Lewis Bailey, or Greene

Will ever exceed Bolt even in their wildest of dreams

Only one man can claim to own such a task

He beat him in Athens in 2004 and closed out the chapter in London for sure

So hail to Justin he’s persistent and strong, determined and focused

When all said he couldn’t he ears closed to the sounds

He ran with the wind and came up on top

Yet he bowed to Bolt’s greatness an honor bestowed

He beat Mercury’s clone 

Took down a speeding Bolt drone

Even if it was simply by the length of a cell phone

So I’ll leave you with this my Rio creation

When Usain Bolt called runners of all nations

They were running for silver and bronze don’t you see

Usain Bolt was in the winner’s circle drinking ice tea

The Lighting Bolt, Usain packs such a jolt

That Brother is a fast as a thoroughbred colt

His leaves his competitors as if they are running in a moat

Or stuck in a sinking boat, damn Usain, 

Or should I simply say thunderbolt, 

Did you just past the speed of volt?

It seemed that you were hydroplaning

Damn Brother Bolt it wasn't even raining

All those other runners were definitely straining

Running for silver, because the gold Usain’s retaining

All you runners better restart upper Olympic training

Otherwise, all future gold's Mr. Lightning Bolt's is obtaining.


published by jsh 8/6/2017