Aug. 9, 2017

Let Others Ride Your Wave

Yesterday, LeBron James whom I respect tremendously not only for his skills as a basketball player but also his significant contribution to black residents of Akron, Ohio, as well as the entire Ohio region sent a public tweet that confused me. Why, did it confuse me? Because it cut against the grain of the very nature of his professional and personal choices and behaviors. I understand that he has a beef with Kyrie Irving currently and that beef most likely generated the tweet. LeBron James wrote: "don't let anyone ride your wave." Well, the horrendous condition of the black communities across this nation requires that we at least share our waves with others. The wave will uplift and boost the movement of people. The wave will "RAISE" each other exceptions and shine a positive light on each one's ability to magnify their dreams and goals. The wave will give hope to the hopeless, and strengthen the hopeful. So, and this is not to disparage Lebron James in any way because he has certainly utilized his multiple resources for community uplift, he has indeed allowed many and will allow so many people more to ride his crest wave of positivity in the future. 

So may be LeBron wrote before he thought, thinking of how one man may have disturbed his chi and placed his emotions in a negative place. Yeah, I know he understands that as black people collectively we must do all we can to ensure that each of us allows space on life's surfboard to handle the toughest of waves. We must share the exciting challenge of riding the waves during the calm times. As well as provide support to those caught in the turbulent waves of life that sometimes endanger us all. That's when you need to have faith that there is space on your wave board for others who have been taken down by the rough waters of life. That is my motto today; "save some space on your wave board for others" and the example set will afford momentous community growth.
Right now Colin Kaepernick is battling the wave of injustice because he allowed others on his wave board. We must as a community stand for justice and stand for Colin Kaepernick. We all must share our wave board to ensure a smooth future ride for this brother. Finally, I want to say this: thank you, Lebron James, for your contributions to community uplift. I truly hope Kyrie and you mend your fences but Lebron please don't close your magnificent wave board to others. They need you to make life's ride just a little smoother.