Aug. 11, 2017

They Aren't Above The Constitution, Are They?

Skip Bayless, a white sports commentator said that if every black football player took a stand and boycotted week 1 of the NFL season something would be done about the Colin Kaepernick issue of being blackballed by the National Football League's 32 owners. Not only Skip Bayless, would something be done about the Colin Kaepernick situation but more importantly some other significant issues could be resolved as well. Such as the over utilization of opium induced pain relievers being prescribed, the possible legalization of cannabis as an alternative to the use of opium related pain relievers, the security issue of professional football contracts being protected for the signing bonus only and not the entire length of the signed contract, and finally some specific safeguards for future CTE injuries as well as financial protections against current CTE conditions affecting former players.  My question is why is Shannon Sharp, Charles Barkley, and Skip Bayless, seemingly the only media people speaking up against the injustices that currently exist in the National Football League? Why aren't more players except for a few speaking up in support of Colin Kaepernick? 

The owners don't play. Nor are the owners the drawing cards for fans to visit stadiums across this nation. Who is the bejeezus of the city of Dallas goes to see Jerry Jones perform in his owner's box? Does anyone in New York City go across the bridge into Jersey to see Wellington Mara sip wine and entertain friends in his luxurious owner's suite? Does any really go see even General Manager John Elway perform his magic now as the general manager of the Denver Broncos? Really, he holds that managerial clipboard with such finesse? How about Robert Kraft does even his family visit Gillette Stadium to see him press the flesh of his friends on Sunday evenings when his Patriots are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers on NBC? Really, can you recognize any other owner than say camera hungry Jerry Jones walking down the street? The players wear the uniforms, gear, and helmets and take the punishment that this violent game dishes out. They should be unified as a group of men to say hell no to any injustice being dealt out to Colin Kaepernick simply for expressing his constitutional right of free speech. If every black player decides along with his fellow white teammates to stand up and take a stand. You best something would be done before the kickoff of Football in Week One. Start the process with the Thursday Nationally Televised Kickoff night that begins the season. You bet by that Sundays 1:00 PM kickoffs something would be initiated by these 32 owners as it relates to Colin Kaepernick as well as these other issues.

It's time for plantation thinking to evaporate in this nation. These 32 men have no sacred right to control the voices against injustice. Who gave them the right to control what aspects of a person's constitutional rights can or cannot be exercised? Do any these 32 men place life and limb on the line on the field of play? You think Dave Duerson would have wanted to know the realities of his future life while throwing his body around with reckless abandon? The owners’ of the Chicago Bears had a real sense of Mr. Dureson’s impending doom yet failed to warn him. How many people really believe that Walter Payton’s demise wasn’t related to the many narcotics he took to suit up on Sunday, and the damage those medications eventually did his failing organs? The Rooney’s of Pittsburghare supposed to be wonderful people. Yet they allowed Mike Webster the team’s center to suit every week shot up with drugs and he left the game hooked on pain medications along with the condition of CTE, what a dangerous combination. Goodbye future life, hope, and aspirations for the Webster family that involved Mike. How about Junior Seau he was an incredible physical specimen but no matter how incredible he was physically he was also human, susceptible to the violent nature of football. He chose suicide over a lifetime of living in constant pain and mental confusion. Don’t think that when OJ Simpson brain isn’t examined at his eventual passing it won’t show significant brain irregularities? Already the great Tony “TD” Dorsett is having significant issues related to mental impairments caused by those violent collisions. I mean we could go on and on about the consequences being suffered daily by these men who sacrifice life and limb for the roar of the crowd, the thrill of victory, and the so called agony of defeat. They were never thinking that the agony of defeat was going to last a lifetime. That is the physical aspect of why National Football League players should be willing to set an example on Week One and refuse to participate on the field. They should stand up for Colin and stand against these 32 men who deem themselves more powerful than the United States Constitution.

How about the fans who support the game with such passion and devotion? You really think these owners care about you? Think about what they do to misrepresent themselves and hoard money from municipalities and the fans who support them? They have blatantly shown no allegiance to their fans to chase profits and new stadiums. These 32 men who have used municipalities as tools of play to secure sweetheart deals for residences for their team need to be put in check. You have one owner named Mark Davis whose father Al and now son Mark, have moved their team three times in the past 2 decades from Oakland to Los Angeles back to Oakland and now to Las Vegas all for personal fortune, not for municipal support. Just many times have the Rams moved? How about the San Deigo Chargers whose fans pledged complete loyalty for over 7 decades to a team only to have that team yanked from them by an owner dollars, new stadium and of course cheaper rent. Even my famed Baltimore Colts who along with the New York Giants made this game the national phenomenon that it currently is. Baltimore which led the league in weekly sellouts at Memorial Stadium had its team stolen from the city by a drunkard owner chasing the cash and surroundings. The city was then forced to give another famed franchise a sweetheart deal to get a team back into the city, the once Cleveland Browns, now Baltimore Ravens. Who has ever blackballed one these owners for these acts of municipal thievery? Not one because of the fear that any such talk could lead to a midnight move to another city by these seemingly ungrateful owners. The time is now for "direct non-violent demonstrative action" by not only the fans who have never been considered or the players who take all the chances. Players who are left to fend for themselves when the physical results of playing this game really start to drastically change their lifestyles for the worst. 

Stand up players and fans alike and stand down against the injustice exhibited by these owners. Just as Skip Bayless says, if for one week, you can make your voices heard, it would indeed change the landscape of professional sports in this country.  Just this morning I was listening to an interview that former Kentucky Wildcat basketball player Malik Monk gave on Sirius NBA. Malik was asked a simple question, can you name one class you attended while enrolled at the University of Kentucky. He said he couldn’t remember the name of one class he had enrolled in or attended. That’s an example of the complete hypocrisy of sports in America.  It shows just how sports has taken the morality of this nation and twisted it insanely out of joint. Malik's answer,  "I remember is my game stats". He said it proudly, now who happens when Malik's knee goes out, or his back? Does he know how to flip burgers? Oh, that won’t work now because robots will be doing that shortly.  This is my thought for Friday, August 11, 2017.