Aug. 12, 2017

Provoked Thoughts

Growing up in East Baltimore, I learned enough about street vernacular to become familiar with certain terms. Terms such “as a being not only book smart but also street smart”, the difference in being pimped or pimping, the line that separates one being hustled or one who is hustling, the term used by Malcolm X as one whose has been bamboozled, the act of being played or a person who plays. It seems to me that the National Association of Black Journalists either haven’t been taught the lessons being street smart or they are relying way too much on book sense trying to interpret the actions of this President’s legion of snapping turtles. You see that the purpose and role of Omarosa Manigault are directed at solely diverting attention away from the mistakes of this White House. She is to black reporters what Kelly Anne Conway is to white reporters. She is purposely placed into specific situations to play, hustle, bamboozle, and pimp the audience’s attention away from Donald Trump foibles. She is what Scooter Libby was to the Bush White House, or Spiro Agnew was to the Nixon White House but with a much lower degree of power because of her color and sex. Historically, in American history administration’s who trend towards injustice love to front people to game and divert the crowd. Yesterday, while she was attending the National Association of Black Journalist Convention Omarosa Manigault, gamed the crowd which was her defined role and sole purpose.

Understand this, the question was asked yesterday by our supposed intellectual black news journalists was: "Why would Omarosa Manigault attend the National Association Of Black Journalist Convention?" The sole purpose of her attendance is to divert attention from her boss, Donald Trump's embarrassing actions. Whether it's Russia or North Korea, any incompetent staffing issues at the White House. Omarosa's plot to get involved in a little controversy with this panel especially with Ed Gordon to have discussion directed her way rather than discussing, or solving the true issues of injustices emanating from White House of Horrors for Black Americans. Well played Omarosa now you have all the intellectual blacks up in arms about today's meaningless confrontation rather than discussing as journalists how to deal with a White House that totally ignores the black press.  This is fool's play why can't we as professional intellectuals see through this as it truly is. We continue as black people to be gamed by a trickster and pimped by a fool. When will we learn that we must maintain both book smarts and street smarts to avoid being captured in these webs of lies?

Finally, Charlottesville, Virginia the white supremacists are agitated and voicing publicly their disapproval of the coloring of America. Why should we care?  Well, we should know that silent arm of American government that demands a constant whitening of America hasn’t disappeared into the night of oblivion. Marcus Garvey once spoke of the Ku Klux Klan as the silent arm of the American government in the 1920’s. He indicated that the primary purpose of the Klan was to ensure that whites never lose control or accede power to any race of people in this nation. You really think that the attitude of a majority of the white race has really changed over the past century? Why is the location of this white uprising important? It’s because in that area of Virginia the major founding fathers along with the principles founding documents originated. Charlottesville, Virginia is the home of Thomas Jefferson, third President as well as the author of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. In that area, you also have the birthplace of George Washington in Westmoreland County, Virginia on the banks of the Potomac River. Also, you have the plantation, Montpelier, the lifetime home of James Madison, 4th President of United States and the so-called Father of The Constitution. Finally the birthplace of the last of Founding Fathers, James Monroe, The 5th President of The United States also born like George Washington in Westmoreland County, Virginia. James Monroe who in many ways was the Father of Manifest Destiny. So you have Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe are born this area of the nation where the principles of the republic were nurtured.  Also, it is the area where the principles of the ultimate dominance of white supremacy were nurtured as well.  So it is more than symbolic that these white supremacists choose this area of the nation to lay down the hammer of injustice this weekend. It’s because this is the sacred area for those individuals who refuse to give in to any other thought than white dominance over this nation, period.