Aug. 14, 2017

What If?

Our Black History Need Not Ever Be A Black Mystery
August 14, 1862
Abe Lincoln's plan was initially to ship the so-called black problem far from the shores of America. Did you know that 155 years ago today a meeting occurred in the White House that could've definitely changed the direction of black people in this nation? You see before President Lincoln was to be labeled "The Great Emancipator" with the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1, 1863. President Lincoln, first wanted to be labeled as the "The Great Black Emigrator"? Yes, Lincoln had a meeting with a group of noted freed black Washingtonians to discuss the emigration of "all freed and recently escaped slaves a chance to leave America on the first thing smoking out of Annapolis, and various other ports around the nation. Dear Ole Abe whom we have historically measured as a man who showed ultimate humanity to the poor wretched bondsmen and women of this country was actually a proponent of white supremacy edict that permeated this nation in the 19th century. Lincoln had decided to fully support a national emigration policy that would have sent all black people to another country. Of course, blacks wouldn't have had a choice in either going or staying had this plan actually been implemented. You see Lincoln placed the total blame of the War Between The States on people of color. His conclusive thought? Rid America of people of the darker hue and henceforth and forever America would be the supreme white nation, God had prophecized. Of course, this didn't even take into account that Native Americans still residing on the Great Plains or the not yet conquered tribes of southwestern America. You see the national policy of Manifest Destiny w was totally in full effect before the Civil War started. It was shown to be easier to terminate then domesticate the native tribes of America.
Well, the plan of shipping off freed blacks, escaped blacks, or even emancipated blacks never really took off Mr. Lincoln's launching pad or launching port. My college professor, Dr. Benjamin Quarles, initially noted that group of blacks who met with President Lincoln 155 years today were not notable black men. Yet it has been proven that these men were in fact intellectually capable men who were of status in the District of Columbia. The group didn't include Frederick Douglass because Mr. Douglass was in opposition to any emigration program directed by the government towards black people. You have to wonder what would've occurred to our ancestors and us had this emigration policy been instituted. Now possibility outcome that would make a remarkable, insightful epic historically fictional show. Imagine, just imagine no Jim Crow, no Black Codes, no public lynchings, no terroristic organization threatening blacks about casting votes, no Buffalo Soldiers on the Great Plains killing Native Americans, no civil rights movements, no Brown vs. Board of Education, No Plessey vs. Ferguson, or any other counter measure by white segregationists that was utilized to disenfranchise us or deny us full citizenship rights on this continent. We have never been wanted here in the United States even "The Great Emancipator" knew that our fate in this nation would be one filled with continual malaise and injustice. We have suffered the life of being unwanted, abused, neglected, tortured, institutionalized, murdered, burned, shot, marginalized for over 397 years. I wonder today if that movement of emigration proposed by Mr. Lincoln on this date in 1862 shouldn't have been accepted?