Aug. 14, 2017

There is a Difference Between Hate and Uplift

I'm sorry but continuing to categorize The Nation of Islam in the same league as these hate-filled segregationists who agitate white supremacist policies is simply unbelievable and is a harmful persecution of this organization. The more I understand and study the historical analysis of the race issue in America. The more I am confused by the Southern Poverty League labeling The Nation of Islam as a hate group. The Nation of Islam has only proffered black unity, black independence, black economic survival, black educational independence, black love, and a religious connection of love of all peoples of color throughout the world. It should never be aligned in any way with the nazi, confederate flag waving imbeciles that were on display this weekend.

I'm sorry Southern Poverty League but I denounce your labeling of our Islamic brothers and sisters of faith as hate endorsers. They are indeed black power endorsers, human rights endorsers, social rights endorsers, and God/Allah endorsers. I truly understand now the vehemence that the Nation followers have towards the Southern Poverty League. You can't scatter this nation's map with symbolic sites of hate-filled organization and continue to include The Nation of Islam. I feel personally that this analysis is truly based on an attitude of racism and as well as a total misunderstanding of the principles and guidelines of those members of The Nation of Islam.