Aug. 15, 2017

Henry Highland Garnett

On August 15, 1843, Henry Highland Garnett, 27 years old, newspaper editor, minister, and abolitionist call for a violent resurrection by the slaves of America to gain liberty in the slaveholding southern states. Garnett, who was one of the students ran out of the New Hampshire town of Canaan eight years earlier when he attended Noyes Academy had gain prominence as an abolitionist speaker.  During this speech which was given at the National Negro Convention held in Buffalo, New York. He spoke to the 70 negro delegates which included Frederick Douglass on the subject, A Message To the Slaves Of America".  He heroically mentioned the names of Vesey, Turner, Cinque, and Madison Washington all black men who were willing to shed blood for liberty. It is important to understand and never forget the important voices of our ancestors as our black history need never be a black mystery. In his words, my voice, today on my blog.