Aug. 16, 2017

Th Spirit of the Mongoose

“Yes, we’ve fought hard and long, and I have never doubted that we would prevail in this struggle. Already our rewards have begun to reveal themselves—desegregation, the Voting Rights Act.… But what deeply troubles me now is that for all the steps we’ve taken toward integration, I’ve come to believe that we are integrating into a burning house.”


“If that’s what you think, what would you have us do?” asks Harry Belafonte.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s answer comes unhesitatingly:


“We… have to become firemen.”

 Well,  we became as Dr. King wanted us to be social firefighters battling against the injustice that was masked in the so-called solutions that were supposed to economic, social, and civil rights benefits every American no matter the color of skin.  When Dr. King made that statement shortly before his murder in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968. I am sure that he never excepted the racism and hate that denied equality for people of color would still be visible in 2017, 49 years later, and even promoted by the so-called leader of the free world, President Donald Trump. The hate and racist vitriol displayed by the white segregationists in Charlottesville this past weekend was similar to the hate displayed in Selma, Birmingham, Chicago, as well as in Benton, Mississippi in the 1960’s.  Don’t get it twisted in the 60’s the law enforcement storm troopers and the white segregationists held sway over the demonstrators. This weekend it was the crowd of white racists that took it upon themselves to create and introduce terror and fear into the demonstration. All because of some silly ass iron, steel, and brass statues that celebrate a time long past when whites held all the cards to the deck of life over people of color.  Yet these times of outright hate and racism have been foreshadowed for decades. Especially with America undergoing a radical shift in race population numbers. While White's were having fewer children, and convincing black women into more and more abortions. The Latin Americans and Mexicans who were staunchly against abortions because of religious edicts were coming into this country and having children.  The numbers indicated that within the next 3 decades whites would no longer be the principal or majority race in America. It was projected that people of color would overtake the white majority.  That simply was an unacceptable population equation. So action had to be taken hence the call for a great white wall on our southern borders and the reintroduction of public displays of racism.  The snakes of racism and hatred have filled their pits with the poisonous venom of renewed racial separation.

When you push a snake in a corner that pit viper will strike repeatedly to find security he seeks.  The fact is that many white people are threatened by marginalization, colorization, and economic insecurity that they feel will come with this new America. They look around in their own families, view their children’s children with darkened skin color and kinky hair which they deem as unacceptable. Now, another race of colored people has shown up from the southern border. They envision a total mixing of the races. This is their country and they feel encumbered to secure the white race. Even though the initial race of peoples on American soil was brown, red and black they stole the country and have no vision of any America except a white America. They see the borders from the south as being unprotected which means some more race invaders coming to colorize their America. So these snake-like pit vipers of hate and racism are showing their fangs. You know who and what suffers? The republic suffers, justice suffers, racial understanding suffers, any quest for true equality in this society suffers.  You know who and what gains? Hate gains, injustice gains, inequality gains, human and social rights suffer, and hope suffers. America has been on a flaming fire boiling now for almost a century. The pot of inhumanity is about to boil over and a massive confrontation seems inevitable. How do we stop this from happening when the whole world is now the stage of unrest? What do we do in this instance where the snakes of racism feel cornered and will accept destruction rather than defeat. 

We cannot be firefighters, the flames of racism and hate are too hot to be cooled with humanities waters. What do we do? We must become take on the spirit and determination of the mongoose. We must be able to take that venomous bite of hatred and racism but not be deterred from our purpose. Those of us who seek full equality and full freedom must strike back aggressively against these vipers. We have right on our side and right will conquer wrong, love will conquer hate, freedom will conquer tyranny, liberty will conquer the chains of hatred, and the fierce mongoose will engulf the pit vipers that seek an America that has long since been rejected.