Aug. 17, 2017

The World Is Consumed In Hatred

The levels of inhumanity, insanity, hate, and evil that infect this world are without bounds or limits of humanity. It seems that geographic area can escape the murderous vein that streams through mankind today. Walking along the historic streets of Barcelona, Paris, Capri or demonstrating against hatred in the home of Jefferson you may be targeted. The perpetrators whether they are white, brown, or black feel that no target is so soft to be protected against the onslaught of these terroristic acts of hate. In their small minds, innocence doesn't exist and every one of their victims guilty of some crime. This world is consumed in hatred on every continent, on every shore, on every border people are focused on human destruction, not mankind's construction uplift. 
This world needs an injection of love, peace, and understanding but not everyone is willing to get a shot. What a world we live in when trucks, cars, and planes are vehicles of mass destruction and madmen have their hands on the buttons of the earth total destruction. Please, God, don't let any of these small groups of hate get control of any small amount of plutonium because the world will indeed be even dirtier.