Aug. 22, 2017

In His Words, My Voice Dr. Huey P. Newton

28 years ago today a movement's co-founder was murdered in some say a drug deal gone bad, or maybe it was someone trying to acquire street cred. Whatever the case Dr. Huey P. Newton's body was lying on an Oakland, California street corner with his life's blood oozing from it. The same corners that Huey Newton & Bobby Seale swore to bring justice to two decades earlier. I normally wouldn't acknowledge this brutal act of violence but Huey P. Long's life revolved around violent engagement. Although the intent of Huey and Bobby's plan was to bring justice to peoples who were completely absent of justice until then.​ The war waged against the leaders and followers of the Black Panther Party by the government agencies of both federal, state, and local law enforcement was relentless and indeed terroristic. So if the stress that came from that continuous​ pressure led Huey Long to that particular corner on that particular it wasn't all surprising. The fact that it took more than two decades to get the result intended is what is most surprising. So today to honor the memory of Dr. Huey P. Long I will in my voice his words recite the 10 Founding Principles of The Black Panther Party For Self-Defense as well as an essay named The Genius of Huey P. Newton, enjoy. Had Huey P. Newton lived he would be celebrating his 75th birthday in 2017.