Aug. 24, 2017

Warning, Warning, Warning Deadly, Deadly, Deadly

To my brothers and sisters facing the fiery of HURRICANE HARVEY over the next 4-5 days on the Gulf Coast. Please take care and get out of HARM'S WAY if possible. We truly don't need to see a reenactment of HURRICANE KATRINA missteps and poor planning. Get out now immediately, call someone, anyone, if you don't have transportation, find a place for shelter. Nothing and I mean nothing is more important than your life. Not your property or personal things. They can be replaced. However, you and your loved ones cannot be replaced.
These tropical storms are becoming more deadly as our environment slowly deteriorates and the coastal marshes disappear. The force and intensity of the winds aren't the major issues with this particular storm. They say that it's the length of time that this storm stays stationary over the land once it touches down. That will be the major problem with this hurricane. The rain amount totals in the Gulf States could indeed be catastrophic and definitely accompanying deadly flooding is also anticipated. That along with the tornadoes will make HURRICANE HARVEY a destructive force that cannot and should not be ignored.